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201106오가피와 두릅 순의 blanching 조건 및 해동방법에 따른 품질 변화윤경영; 이수진; 김자민[김자민]; 권오준[권오준]; 정용진[정용진]; 우상철[우상철]
201102Modification of Curcumin with Polyethylene Glycol Enhances the Delivery of Curcumin in Preadipocytes and Its Antiadipogenic Property김춘영; NICOLAS BORDENAVE[NICOLAS BORDENAVE]; MARIO G. FERRUZZI[MARIO G. FERRUZZI]; AHMAD SAFAVY[AHMAD SAFAVY]; 김기홍[김기홍]
201108β-Carotene의 섭취가 당뇨 유도 흰쥐의 간조직 항산화효소 활성과 Glutathione 함량에 미치는 영향서정숙; 장정현[장정현]; 이경순[이경순]
201108Demographic and lifestyle factors and selenium levels in men and women in the US박경; Eric Rimm[Eric Rimm]; David Siscovick[David Siscovick]; Donna Spiegelman[Donna Spiegelman]; J. Steven Morris[J. Steven Morris]; Dariush Mozaffarian[Dariush Mozaffarian]
201108Acid Resistance of Cronobacter sakazakii방우석; 장성란[장성란]
201104Comparison of Nutrient Components and Physicochemical Properties of General and Colored Potato윤경영; 장혜림; 홍주연[홍주연]; 김남조; 김민하; 신승렬[신승렬]
201110Curcumin inhibits adipocyte differentiation through modulation of mitotic clonal expansion김춘영; Thuc T. Le[Thuc T. Le]; Chihyu Chen[Chihyu Chen]; Ji-Xin Cheng[Ji-Xin Cheng]; 김기홍[김기홍]
201110Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women The Iowa Women's Health StudyJaakko Mursu[Jaakko Mursu]; Kim Robien[Kim Robien]; Lisa Harnack[Lisa Harnack]; 박경; David R. Jacobs Jr[David R. Jacobs Jr]
201108저온 환경에서 Cronobacter sakazakii의 저항과 생존방우석; 김세훈[김세훈]; 장성란[장성란]; 정현정[정현정]
201106Enhanced Antioxident Effect by over Expression of Tomato beta-carotene Hydroxylase Gene (ChyB) Using Agrobacterium-infiltration in Tobacco Plant문용선; 최윤정[최윤정]; 윤경영; 윤해근; 서상곤