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201001Pathogenicity of Alternanthera mosaic virus is affected by determinants in RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and by reduced efficacy of silencing suppression in a movement-competent TGB1임현섭[임현섭]; 아나 마리아 바이라[아나 마리아 바이라]; 마이틀 라인셀[마이틀 라인셀]; 배한홍; 브라이언 베일리[브라이언 베일리]; 레슬리 도마이어[레슬리 도마이어]; 존 해몬드[존 해몬드]
201001Molecular cloning and expression analysis of pig lymphocyte activation gene-3 (LAG-3; CD223)최인호; 김선수[김선수]; 김상훈[김상훈]; 강현식[강현식]; 정희영[정희영]; 전용필[전용필]; 이기호[이기호]; 이동목; 박정순[박정순]; 이상열[이상열]; 전태훈[전태훈]
201009CaMsrB2, Pepper Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase B2, Is a Novel Defense Regulator against Oxidative Stress and Pathogen Attack백광현; 오상근[오상근]; 성은수[성은수]; 정영희[정영희]; 최경자[최경자]; 박정미[박정미]; 조혜선[조혜선]; 김은아[김은아]; 이상구[이상구]; 최도일[최도일]
201402Molecular cloning and expression analysis of two lipopolysaccharide-induced TNF-alpha factors (LITAFs) from rock bream, Oplegnathus fasciatus심상희; 박찬일[박찬일]; 황성돈[황성돈]; 권문경[권문경]; 최영선[최영선]; 심원준[심원준]; 정지현[정지현]; 김주원[김주원]
201408Role of MoAND1-mediated nuclear positioning in morphogenesis and pathogenicity in the rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae전준현; Rho, Heekyoung[Rho, Heekyoung]; Kim, Seongbeom[Kim, Seongbeom]; Kim, Kyoung Su[Kim, Kyoung Su]; Lee, Yong-Hwan[Lee, Yong-Hwan]
201401Processing of glutathionylcobalamin by a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC involved in intracellular B-12 metabolism김지회; 정진주; 박지현; 박정호
201401Synthesis, characterization and anticancer screening of some novel piperonyl-tetrazole derivatives최인호; Mohammad Arshad[Mohammad Arshad]; Abdul Roouf Bhat[Abdul Roouf Bhat]; 포커렐스미리티; 김지은; 이은주; Fareeda Athar[Fareeda Athar]
201108Glutathione increases the binding affinity of a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC for vitamin B-12김지회; 정진주[정진주]
201410Physicochemical Analysis of Structural Alteration and Advanced Glycation End Products Generation During Glycation of H2A Histone by 3-Deoxyglucosone최인호; 모하메드아쉬라프; Saheem Ahmad[Saheem Ahmad]; Gulam Rabbani[Gulam Rabbani]; 이은주; Rizwan Hasan Khan[Rizwan Hasan Khan]; 아리프타슬림얀
201212Effects of porcine testis extract on wound healing in rat최인호; 이동목; 압둘루프바트; 김용운; 신동훈; 김주영; 김근준[김근준]; 이기호[이기호]; 전용필[전용필]; 전태훈[전태훈]