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201003Regioselective Hydroxylation of Daidzein Using P450 (CYP105D7) From Streptomyces avermitilis MA4680비시누 판데이[비시누 판데이]; 노창현[노창현]; 최권영[최권영]; 이나훔[이나훔]; 김은정[김은정]; 고성기[고성기]; 김태진[김태진]; 윤형돈; 김병기[김병기]
201404Effect of Emollients Containing Vegetable-Derived Lactobacillus in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms: Split-Body Clinical Trial박용하; Seung Bae Park[Seung Bae Park]; Myung Im[ Myung Im]; Young Lee[Young Lee]; Jeung Hoon Lee[ Jeung Hoon Lee]; 임정희; Young Joon Seo[Young Joon Seo]
201504Studies on phytochemical analysis, antioxidant and lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects of a medicinal plant, Coleus forskohlii비벡바지파이; 박용하; Pooja Agrawal[Pooja Agrawal]
201503Microbial Degradation of Indole and Its Derivatives배한홍; 어로라펀커즈쿠말; Ashutosh Sharma[Ashutosh Sharma]
201109Potential Roles of Essential Oils on Controlling Plant Pathogenic Bacteria Xanthomonas Species: A Review백광현; 비벡바지파이; 강소라[강소라]; 수호주안[수호주안]; 이순구[이순구]; 강선철[강선철]
201209Production of astragaloside and flavones from adventitious root cultures of Astragalus membranaceus var. mongholicus배한홍; Aye Aye Thwe[Aye Aye Thwe]; Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai[ Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai]; 김예지[김예지]; 김연복[김연복]; Md Romij Uddin[Md Romij Uddin]; 김영선[김영선]; 김행훈[김행훈]; 이미영[이미영]; Xiaohua Li[Xiaohua Li]; 박상언[박상언]
201008Mutation of a chloroplast-targeting signal in Alternanthera mosaic virus TGB3 impairs cell-to-cell movement and eliminates long-distance virus movement임현섭[임현섭]; 아나마리아 바이라[아나마리아 바이라]; 배한홍; 브래그[브래그]; 루진[루진]; 보캔[보캔]; 다이넬트[다이넬트]; 오웬[오웬]; 해몬드[해몬드]
201201Improved shoot organogenesis of gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) using silver nitrate and putrescine treatment박의호; 배한홍; 박우택[박우택]; 김연복[김연복]; 채수천[채수천]; 박상언[박상언]
201111Aspartame-fed zebrafish exhibit acute deaths with swimming defects and saccharin-fed zebrafish have elevation of cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity in hypercholesterolemia조경현; 김재용; 서주이[서주이]
201309Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Essential Oil Obtained from Sawdust of Chamaecyparis obtusa by Microwave-Assisted Hydrodistillation백광현; 비벡바지파이; 아제이샤마; 김성홍[김성홍]