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201005A New Sesquiterpenoid from the Rhizome of Curcuma zedoaria심상희; 은소희[은소희]; 최인호
201002Fructated apolipoprotein A-I showed severe structural modification and loss of beneficial functions in lipid-free and lipid-bound state with acceleration of atherosclerosis and senescence조경현; 박기훈[박기훈]; 김재룡; 장욱주; 김기용[김기용]
201009Control Efficacy of Phloretin Isolated from Apple Fruits Against Several Plant Diseases심상희; 조수정[조수정]; 김진철[김진철]; 최경자[최경자]
201012Engineering Protein Sequence Composition for Folding Robustness Renders Efficient Noncanonical Amino acid Incorporations순드라라쟌[순드라라쟌]; 라스 머르켈[라스 머르켈]; 네딜코 부디사[네딜코 부디사]; 락훈나탄 고빈단[락훈나탄 고빈단]; 니라이쿨람아야두레이; 소카링암 스리람[소카링암 스리람]; 윤형돈; 이선구[이선구]
201501SR-BI mediates high density lipoprotein (HDL)-induced anti-inflammatory effect in macrophages조경현; 송견지; 김성민; 박기훈; 김지회; 최인호
201408Transcriptional activation of PIK3R1 by PPAR gamma in adipocytes최인호; 김윤진[김윤진]; 김현지[김현지]; 정기용[정기용]; 김상훈[김상훈]
201407Anti-Inflammatory and PPAR Transactivational Effects of Oleanane-Type Triterpenoid Saponins from the Roots of Pulsatilla koreana이위; 심상희; Yan Xi Tao[Yan Xi Tao]; Sun Ya Nan[Sun Ya Nan]; Thi Thanh Ngan[Thi Thanh Ngan]; 김영호[김영호]
201102The Extraction Efficiency of Apigenin from Scutellaria barbata comparing pressurized Liquid extraction and Soxhlet extraction심상희; 이한나[이한나]
201104Bioconjugation of L-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Containing Protein with a Polysaccharide윤형돈; 니라이쿨람아야두레이; 나다라쟌 사라바난[나다라쟌 사라바난]; 카나가벨디판쿠마[카나가벨디판쿠마]; 장윤정; 나타라자키트라프리야[나타라자키트라프리야]; 송은정[송은정]; 이나훔[이나훔]; 김석규; 김병기[김병기]; 나가순다라판디안[나가순다라판디안]; 이선구[이선구]; 차형준[차형준]; 부디사[부디사]
201105High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) From Elderly and Reconstituted HDL Containing Glycated Apolipoproteins A-I Share Proatherosclerotic and Prosenescent Properties With Increased Cholesterol Influx조경현; 박기훈