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201005Enhanced Delivery of Adenovirus, Using Proteoliposomes Containing Wildtype or V156K Apolipoprotein A-I and Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine조경현; 박기훈; 김재룡; 김철희[김철희]; 윤채옥[윤채옥]
201004Tobacco seeds simultaneously over-expressing Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase display enhanced seed longevity and germination rates under stress conditions권석윤[권석윤]; 백광현; 이영표[이영표]; 이행순[이행순]; 곽상수[곽상수]; 방재욱[방재욱]
201006Elevated HDL2-paraoxonase and reduced CETP activity are associated with a dramatically lower ratio of LDL-cholesterol/total cholesterol in a hypercholesterolemic and hypertriglyceridemic patient조경현; 이지혜; 박정흔; 김재룡; 이상학[이상학]
201002Ethanol and Water Extract of Purple Sweet Potato Exhibits Anti-Atherosclerotic Activity and Inhibits Protein Glycation조경현; 박기훈; 이준설[이준설]; 이화형; 김재룡
201105Modified apolipoprotein (apo) A-I by artificial sweetener causes severe premature cellular senescence and atherosclerosis with impairment of functional and structural properties of apoA-I in lipid-free and lipid-bound state조경현; 장욱주[장욱주]; 정남호[정남호]
201208A proteoliposome containing apolipoprotein A-I mutant (V156K) enhances rapid tumor regression activity of human origin oncolytic adenovirus in tumor-bearing zebrafish and mice조경현; 서주이; 윤채옥[윤채옥]; 권오준[권오준]; 최은진[최은진]; 송재영[송재영]; 최인호
201103Turmeric and Laurel Aqueous Extracts Exhibit In Vitro Anti-Atherosclerotic Activity and In Vivo Hypolipidemic Effects in a Zebrafish Model조경현; 진서리[진서리]; 홍주헌[홍주헌]; 정승현[정승현]
201209Grape skin and loquat leaf extracts and acai puree have potent anti-atherosclerotic and anti-diabetic activity in vitro and in vivo in hypercholesterolemic zebrafish조경현; 김재용[김재용]; 홍주헌[홍주헌]; 정희경[정희경]; 정유석[정유석]
201304Effects of Salicornia herbacea Powder on Quality Traits of Sun Dried Hanwoo Beef Jerky during Storage김종주; 임동균[임동균]; 최갑성[최갑성]; 남기창[남기창]
201206A Point Mutant of Apolipoprotein A-I (V156K) Showed Enhancement of Cellular Insulin Secretion and Potent Activity of Facultative Regeneration in Zebrafish조경현; 윤정혜[윤정혜]