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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-101,8-cineole protected human lipoproteins from modification by oxidation and glycation and exhibited serum lipid-lowering and anti-inflammatory activity in zebrafish조경현
2011-0420S Proteasome Inhibitory Activity of Flavonoids isolated from Spatholobus suberectus심상희
2011-063-(1,3,4-Thiadiazole-2-yl)quinoline derivatives: Synthesis, characterization and anti-microbial activity최인호; 압둘루프바트; Tazeem[Tazeem]; Amir Azam[Amir Azam]; Fareeda Athar[Fareeda Athar]
2015-023-Deoxyglucosone: A Potential Glycating Agent Accountable for Structural Alteration in H3 Histone Protein through Generation of Different AGEs최인호; Saheem Ahmad[Saheem Ahmad]; Gulam Rabbani[Gulam Rabbani]; 캄바하산; 이은주; Rizwan Hasan Khan[Rizwan Hasan Khan]; Khursheed Alam[Khursheed Alam]; 모하메드아쉬라프; 아리프타슬림얀
2012-07A compact and fast nano-stylus profiling head for optical instruments박재홍[박재홍]; 조양근[조양근]; 김지회; 이동연
2010-04A Complex of 2-Hydroxyisocaproyl-Coenzyme A Dehydratase and its Activator from Clostridium difficile Stabilized by Aluminium Tetrafluoride-Adenosine Diphosphate김지회; 안토니오 피에릭[안토니오 피에릭]; 볼프강 부클[볼프강 부클]
2015-03A diterpenoid taxodone from Metasequoia glyptostroboides with antimycotic potential against clinical isolates of Candida species비벡바지파이; 박용하; 강 선 철[강 선 철]
2011-03A facile and efficient method for the incorporation of multiple unnatural amino acids into a single protein윤형돈; 니라이쿨람아야두레이; 카나가벨디판쿠마[카나가벨디판쿠마]; 나다라쟌 사라바난[나다라쟌 사라바난]; 이선구[이선구]
2014-10A Genome Wide Association Study on Age at First Calving Using High Density Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Chips in Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae)김종주; 형기은; Asif Iqbal[Asif Iqbal]
2013-11A Least Squares Regression Model to Detect Quantitative Trait Loci with Polar Overdominance in a Cross of Outbred Breeds: Simulation김종주; Jack Dekkers[Jack Dekkers]
2014-05A New Diterpenoid from Aerial Parts of Scutellaria barbata심상희
2010-05A New Sesquiterpenoid from the Rhizome of Curcuma zedoaria심상희; 은소희[은소희]; 최인호
2012-06A Point Mutant of Apolipoprotein A-I (V156K) Showed Enhancement of Cellular Insulin Secretion and Potent Activity of Facultative Regeneration in Zebrafish조경현; 윤정혜[윤정혜]
2012-08A proteoliposome containing apolipoprotein A-I mutant (V156K) enhances rapid tumor regression activity of human origin oncolytic adenovirus in tumor-bearing zebrafish and mice조경현; 서주이; 윤채옥[윤채옥]; 권오준[권오준]; 최은진[최은진]; 송재영[송재영]; 최인호
2011-11A Restricted Partition Method to Detect Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for a Carcass Trait in Hanwoo이제영; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김동철[김동철]; 김종주
2010-06A Semantic Wiki Framework for Reconciling Conflict Collaborations Based on Selecting Consensus Choice황도삼; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]; 정재은; Abolghasem Sadeghi-N[Abolghasem Sadeghi-N]; 백광현; 한영신[한영신]
2010-11A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in LOC534614 as an Unknown Gene Associated with Body Weight and Cold Carcass Weight in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)여정수; 이윤석[이윤석]; 오동엽[오동엽]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김종주; 박홍석[박홍석]
2013-06A SNP Harvester Analysis to Better Detect SNPs of CCDC158 Gene That Are Associated with Carcass Quality Traits in Hanwoo이제영; 이종형; 여정수; 김종주
2011-11A study on interaction effect among risk factors of delirium using multifactor dimensionality reduction method이제영; 이종형[이종형]; 이윤석; 이용원[이용원]
2010-12A Study on Morphology and Behavior of the Sapsaree: A Korean native dog(Canis familiaris)한국일[한국일]; 아람마부; 이윤미; 이동훈[이동훈]; 하지홍[하지홍]; 김종주