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201212티타늄 함유 텅스텐 산화물 광촉매를 이용한 메탄올/물 분해로부터 수소제조강미숙; 이가영; 박유진; 박노국; 이태진
201211Preparation of Nanosized alpha-Al2O3 Particles Using a Microwave Pretreatment at Mild Temperature강미숙; 김현수; 이태진; 박노국; 엄명헌[엄명헌]
201212Synthesis of alpha-Al2O3 at mild temperatures by controlling aluminum precursor, pH, and ethylenediamine chelating additive강미숙; 이준성; 김현수; 이준수; 박노국; 이태진
201212Low Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Shaped alpha-Al2O3 Using a Solvothermal Method강미숙; 김아영; 김현수; 박노국; 이태진; 이원근[이원근]; 김헌덕[김헌덕]; 박준우[박준우]
201208Low temperature steam reforming of ethanol for carbon monoxide-free hydrogen production over mesoporous Sn-incorporated SBA-15 catalysts강미숙; 이준성; 한기보[한기보]
201210Photovoltaic Efficiencies on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Assembled with Graphene-Linked TiO2 Anode Films강미숙; 김아영; 김지은; 김민영[김민영]; 하승원[하승원]; 티엔[티엔]
201210Diversification of photoelectric efficiency on DSSCs assembled according to the change of coating layers of P-x-TiO2 films강미숙; 김동영
201209Sn 함침-티타니아 나노입자와 나노튜브에 놓인 2-Chlorophenol 광 분해 성능강미숙; 김현수; 이가영; 박선민[박선민]
201209Light Scattering Amplification on Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Assembled by Hollyhock-shaped CdS-TiO2 Composites강미숙; 이가영; 이후률; 엄명헌[엄명헌]
201209Newly designed dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated with double-layered TiO2 (bottom layer)/B-x-TiO2 (top layer) combined electrodes for improved photocurrent강미숙; 김지은; 이현주