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201212Low Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Shaped alpha-Al2O3 Using a Solvothermal Method강미숙; 김아영; 김현수; 박노국; 이태진; 이원근[이원근]; 김헌덕[김헌덕]; 박준우[박준우]
201208張愛玲의 자전적 소설 삼부곡 ≪뇌봉탑(雷峰塔)≫,≪역경(易經)≫ 및 ≪소단원(小團圓)≫에 대한 고찰박운석; 맹유[맹유]
201208日帝强占期 中國語 敎材에 나타나는 介詞 硏究최환; 신미섭
201208A Theoretical Study on the Alkylation of the Ambident Enolate from a Methyl Glycinate Schiff Base남기평; 이승민
201208Low temperature steam reforming of ethanol for carbon monoxide-free hydrogen production over mesoporous Sn-incorporated SBA-15 catalysts강미숙; 이준성; 한기보[한기보]
201208Chiral Separation on Sulfonated Cellulose Tris(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate)-coated Zirconia Monolith by Capillary Electrochromatography박정학; 이정미; 장명덕[장명덕]
201210Photovoltaic Efficiencies on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Assembled with Graphene-Linked TiO2 Anode Films강미숙; 김아영; 김지은; 김민영[김민영]; 하승원[하승원]; 티엔[티엔]
201210Effect of Axial Ligand on the Binding Mode of M-meso-Tetrakis(N-methylpyridinium-4-yl)porphyrin to DNA Probed by Circular and Linear Dichroism Spectroscopies김석규; 공린단; 배인호
201210Bis-intercalation of a cationic porphyrin dimer linked with trietylene glycol derivative to DNA from the major groove김석규; 이창윤; 공린단; 손영구; 이영선[이영선]; 이석중[이석중]; 한성욱[한성욱]
201210Diversification of photoelectric efficiency on DSSCs assembled according to the change of coating layers of P-x-TiO2 films강미숙; 김동영