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201006Binding Modes of New Bis-Ru(II) Complexes to DNA: Effect of the Length of the Linker권병향[권병향]; 최병훈[최병훈]; 이현미; 장윤정; 이재철[이재철]; 김석규
201405Effect of Various Intercalators on the Fenton- Type Oxidative Cleavage of Double- Stranded DNA김석규; 김현정; 성기웅; 김경원; 박종진; Biao, Jin[Biao, Jin]
201012Comparison of Binding Stoichiometry of [Ru(1,10-phenanthroline)(2)dipyrido [3,2-a:2 ',3 '-c]phenazine](2+) and its Bis-derivative to DNA장윤정; 이현미; Lee, Il-Bong[Lee, Il-Bong]
201402DNA cleavage induced by [Cu(L)(x)(NO3)(2)] (L=2,2 '-dipyridylamine, 2,2 '-bipyridine, dipicolylamine, x=1 or 2): Effect of the ligand structure김석규; 권지혜; 박희진; 프리아; 조태섭; 김수진[김수진]; 김진흥[김진흥]; 황인홍[황인홍]; 김철[김철]
201109The relationship between the structures of periphery ligands and the DNA binding mode of [Ru(II)(1,10-phenanthroline)(L1L2)dipyrido[3,2-a:2 ',3 '-c]phenazine](n+) (L-1 = Cl or pyridine and L-2 = pyridine, n=1,2)장윤정; 여가영[여가영]; 박보라미; 김석규
201210Bis-intercalation of a cationic porphyrin dimer linked with trietylene glycol derivative to DNA from the major groove김석규; 이창윤; 공린단; 손영구; 이영선[이영선]; 이석중[이석중]; 한성욱[한성욱]
201307Sequence Dependent Binding Modes of the Delta Delta- and Lambda Lambda-binuclear Ru(II) Complexes to poly[d(G-C)(2)] and poly[d(A-T)(2)]김석규; 프리아; 김래영; 장윤정; 조대원[조대원]; 한성욱[한성욱]
201112Non-intercalative binding mode of bridged binuclear chiral Ru(II) complexes to native duplex DNA프리아; 장윤정; 김석규; 이효선[이효선]
201204Enhancement of DNA-mediated Energy Transfer from Ethidium to meso-Tetrakis(N-methylpyridinium-4-yl)porphyrin by Ca2+ Ion김종문; 박보라미[박보라미]; 김영란[김영란]; 공린단[공린단]; 장명덕[장명덕]; 김석규
201205Photo-induced DNA scission by Cu(II)-meso-tetrakis-(n-N-methylpyridiniumyl)porphyrins (n=2, 3, 4) and their binding modes to supercoiled DNA프리아; 박종진[박종진]; 왕유[왕유]; 이효선[이효선]; 김석규