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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201006Longitudinal trends in networks of university-industry-government relations in South Korea: The role of programmatic incentives박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
201006A network analysis of interdisciplinary research relationships: the Korean government's R&D grant program양창훈[양창훈]; 박한우; 허정은[허정은]
201404A routine for measuring synergy in university-industry-government relations: mutual information as a Triple-Helix and Quadruple-Helix indicator박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]; Balazs Lengyel[Balazs Lengyel]
201404A multi-level network analysis of web-citations among the world's universities박한우; George A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]; Ke Jiang[Ke Jiang]; C. Tang[C. Tang]; I.F. Aguillo[I.F. Aguillo]
201107Citations among communication journals and other disciplines: a network analysisGeorge A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]; Catherine Huh[Catherine Huh]; Youngju Kim[Youngju Kim]; 박한우
201110How do congressional members appear on the web? Tracking the web visibility of South Korean politicians임연수[임연수]; 박한우
201210Web visibility of scholars in media and communication journals박한우; 정정주[정정주]
201201Regional development in South Korea: accounting for research area in centrality and networksMatt Shapiro[Matt Shapiro]; 박한우
201307Decomposing social and semantic networks in emerging "big data" research박한우; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
201302The structural relationship between politicians' web visibility and political finance networks: A case study of South Korea's National Assembly members박한우; 임연수[임연수]