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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201001The Reconfiguration of E-Campaign Practices in Korea A Case Study of the Presidential Primaries of 2007이연옥[이연옥]; 박한우
201403Flow of Online Content from Production to Consumption in the Context of Globalization Theory박한우; 최수진[최수진]
201402An exploratory approach to a Twitter-based community centered on a political goal in South Korea: Who organized it, what they shared, and how they acted박한우; 최수진[최수진]
201503A webometric approach to policy analysis and management using exponential random graph models박한우; Kyujin Jung[Kyujin Jung]; Wei-Ning Wu[Wei-Ning Wu]; Se Jung Park[Se Jung Park]
201107Convenience or credibility? A study of college student online research behaviorsJ. Patrick Biddix[J. Patrick Biddix]; Chung Joo Chung[Chung Joo Chung]; 박한우
201401Introduction to the special issue: social media interaction between public and government in Asia-Pacific박한우; 이연옥[이연옥]
201401Social media communication strategies of government agencies: Twitter use in Korea and the USA박한우; 고하 페로즈 칸[고하 페로즈 칸]; 윤호영[윤호영]
201401SNS use by the Korean government: a case of Me2Day박한우; 정정주[정정주]; 조성은[조성은]
201411Exploring political discussions by Korean twitter users A look at opinion leadership and homophily phenomenon박한우; Myunggoon Choi[Myunggoon Choi]; Yoonmo Sang[Yoonmo Sang]
201110How do congressional members appear on the web? Tracking the web visibility of South Korean politicians임연수[임연수]; 박한우