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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201404A multi-level network analysis of web-citations among the world's universities박한우; George A. Barnett[George A. Barnett]; Ke Jiang[Ke Jiang]; C. Tang[C. Tang]; I.F. Aguillo[I.F. Aguillo]
201404Mapping election campaigns through negative entropy: Triple and Quadruple Helix approach to South Korea's 2012 presidential election박한우
201504Networking Interest and Networked Structure: A Quantitative Analysis of Twitter Data박한우; 최수진[최수진]
201403Flow of Online Content from Production to Consumption in the Context of Globalization Theory박한우; 최수진[최수진]
201402An exploratory approach to a Twitter-based community centered on a political goal in South Korea: Who organized it, what they shared, and how they acted박한우; 최수진[최수진]
201503A webometric approach to policy analysis and management using exponential random graph models박한우; Kyujin Jung[Kyujin Jung]; Wei-Ning Wu[Wei-Ning Wu]; Se Jung Park[Se Jung Park]
201503More than entertainment: YouTube and public responses to the science of global warming and climate change박한우; M.A. Shapiro[M.A. Shapiro]
201503Measuring web ecology by Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online news: 2012 general election in South Korea박한우; Yoonjae Nam[Yoonjae Nam]; Yeon-Ok Lee[Yeon-Ok Lee]
201503The networked cultural diffusion of Korean wave박한우; Weiai Wayne XU[Weiai Wayne XU]; 박지영
201409Predicting Opinion Leaders in Twitter Activism Networks: The Case of the Wisconsin Recall Election박한우; Weiai Wayne Xu[Weiai Wayne Xu]; Yoonmo Sang[Yoonmo Sang]; Stacy Blasiola[Stacy Blasiola]