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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201002기하학적 구조 변화에 따른 Py/Nb/Py 삼층막의 떠돌이장과 자기저항에 관한 연구김동호; 박영순; 김의경; 조영걸; 황태종
201002Observation of a Transition From Inverse-Spin-Switch to Spin-Switch Behavior in Domain State of a Py/Nb/Py Trilayer김동호; 황태종; 오상준[오상준]
201012Fabrication of FeSe1-x superconducting films with bulk properties김동호; 황태종; 강원남[강원남]; 정순길[정순길]; 이남훈[이남훈]; 최은미[최은미]; 이성익[이성익]
201101안정된 역스핀 스위치 효과를 위한 새김눈에 의한 자구벽 고정김동호; 황태종
201211Influence of stray fields and the proximity effect in ferromagnet/superconductor/ferromagnet spin valves김동호; 황태종
201412Switching behavior in peramlloy/niobium/permalloy trilayer김동호; 황태종
201208Bias-current effect on inverse spin-switch effect in Permalloy/Nb/Permalloy pseudo spin-valves김동호; 황태종
201110Domain Wall Pinning for Enhanced Inverse Spin-Switch Effect in Ferromagnet/Superconductor/Ferromagnet Trilayer김동호; 황태종
201007Optical switching of near infrared light transmission in metamaterial-liquid crystal cell structure김동호; 우정원[우정원]; 강보영[강보영]; J.H. Woo[J.H. Woo]; E. Choi[E. Choi]; 이현희[이현희]; E.S. Kim[E.S. Kim]; J. Kim[J. Kim]; 황태종; 박영순
201305High Critical Current Densities in MgB2 Films Grown on Hastelloy Tape by Hybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition김동호; 황태종; 오상준[오상준]; M. Ranot[M. Ranot]; 강원남[강원남]; 정국채[정국채]