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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Numerical Analysis of Mode Coupling in Multimode Graded Index Optical Fibers with Bending손영호
2015-01Exclusive channel allocation methods based on four-color theorem in clustering sensor networks김종근; 압둘라투르키; 우매리[우매리]; 하성룡[하성룡]
2014-01Black-Box Testing of Practical Movie Recommendation Systems: a Comparative Study이남희[이남희]; 정재은; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]; 황도삼
2015-02A Statistical Model-Based Cell-to-Cell Variability Management of Li-ion Battery Pack신동화; Massimo Poncino[Massimo Poncino]; Enrico Macii[Enrico Macii]; Naehyuck Chang[Naehyuck Chang]
2014-01A cinemetric approach to sentimental processing on story-oriented contents정재은; 박승보[박승보]; 유은순[유은순]
2014-01Sentiment Analysis Based on Fuzzy Propagation in Online Social Networks: a Case study on TweetScope정재은; 응웬트룽둑
2014-01Optimizing the Power Delivery Network in a Smartphone Platform신동화; Lee, Woojoo[Lee, Woojoo]; Wang, Yanzhi[Wang, Yanzhi]; Chang, Naehyuck[Chang, Naehyuck]; Pedram, Massoud[Pedram, Massoud]
2014-01LEACH-C 기반의 센서 네트워크에서 효율적인 데이터 전송을 위한 LCSPL 알고리즘손영호; 정왕부[정왕부]
2014-02< A,V >-Spear: A New Method for Expert Based Recommendation Systems정재은; Xuan Hau Pham[Xuan Hau Pham]; 누옌트룽트리; Ngoc Thanh Nguyen[Ngoc Thanh Nguyen]
2014-02PCIA 클라우드 서비스 모델링 및 자원 구성에 따른성능 영향도 분석곽종욱; 윤빈풍
2015-03Enhancing immediate instructions with dynamic implied addressing mode윤종희; 조두산[조두산]
2014-03Ontology-Based, Process-Oriented, and Society-Independent Agent System for Cloud Computing정재은; Mahmood Fathalipour[Mahmood Fathalipour]; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]
2014-03Understanding information propagation on online social tagging systems: a case study on Flickr정재은
2014-03구문의미분석를 이용한 유사문서 판별기황도삼; 강원석[강원석]; Jung H Kim[Jung H Kim]
2014-03Ad-hoc 네트워크 환경에서 DSDV 라우팅 알고리즘을 이용한 위치정보 시스템 및 사용자 맵핑 시스템의 설계 및 구현곽종욱
2015-04CL 트리: 낸드 플래시 시스템에서 캐시 색인 리스트를 활용하는 B+ 트리곽종욱; 황상호
2014-04Privacy-Preserving Discovery of Topic-Based Events from Social Sensor Signals: An Experimental Study on Twitter정재은; 응웬트룽둑
2014-04Semantic Information Integration with Linked Data Mashups Approaches정재은; Hanh Huu Hoang[Hanh Huu Hoang]; Tai Nguyen-Phuoc Cung[Tai Nguyen-Phuoc Cung]; Duy Khanh Truong[Duy Khanh Truong]; 황도삼
2015-05Analysis of College Classes Based on U-CLASS System Using Personal Mobile Nodes김종근; 김정미; 박호환; 하일규