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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01Synchronization of complex dynamical networks with discontinuous coupling signals박주현; 이태희
2015-01Color Distortion-Aware Error Control for Backlight Dimming강석주[강석주]; 배성우; 윤재중[윤재중]; 이무연[이무연]
2015-01Further results on dissipativity analysis of neural networks with time-varying delay and randomly occurring uncertainties박주현; H.B. Zeng[H.B. Zeng]; J.W. Xia[J.W. Xia]
2015-01Exponential Stability for Markovian Jumping Stochastic BAM Neural Networks with Mode-Dependent Probabilistic Time-Varying Delays and Impulse Control박주현; R. Rakkiyappan[R. Rakkiyappan]; A. Chandrasekar[A. Chandrasekar]; S. Lakshmanan[S. Lakshmanan]
2015-01filtering for stochastic systems driven by Poisson processes박주현; B. Song[B. Song]; Z. Wu[Z. Wu]; G. Shi[G. Shi]; Y. Zhang[Y. Zhang]
2015-01A decision method for the optimal insertion resistance of a superconducting fault current limiter with reduction of an asymmetric fault current이상봉; 김창환; 김규호[김규호]
2015-01Dry Air 중의 준평등전계에서 노점과 고체절연물 재질에 따른 수평연면방전 특성 연구배성우; 강병칠; 석정후; 민경준; 이광식; 박원주
2014-01A study on H-infinity state estimation of static neural networks with time-varying delays박주현; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; Y. Liu[Y. Liu]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]
2015-02High-Gain Resonant Switched-Capacitor Cell-Based DC/DC Converter for Offshore Wind Energy Systems아미르파라스타; 석줄기
2014-01Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Activities of Poly(aniline-co-o-anisidine)/Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite할도리유바라즈; 센틸쿠마르; K. SIVAKUMAR[K. SIVAKUMAR]; 심재진
2015-02Memory feedback controller design for stochastic Markov jump distributed delay systems with input saturation and partially known transition rates박주현; J. Zhao[J. Zhao]; J. Wang[J. Wang]; H. Shen[H. Shen]
2014-01Output Feedback Model Predictive Tracking Control Using a Slope Bounded Nonlinear Model박주현; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]
2015-02Improved Delay-dependent Robust Stability Analysis for Neutral-type Uncertain Neural Networks with Markovian jumping Parameters and Time-varying Delays박주현; J. Xia[J. Xia]; H. Zeng[H. Zeng]
2015-02Robust passivity analysis of neural networks with discrete and distributed delays박주현; H.B. Zeng[H.B. Zeng]; H. Shen[H. Shen]
2014-01Localization using ego motion based on fisheye warping image이석규; 최윤원[최윤원]; 최경식[최경식]; 최정원[최정원]
2014-01Path planning based on Spline D* for mobile-robot이석규; 유희락; 최윤원[최윤원]; 딜샛사이토프에스
2015-02H-infinity Performance and Stability Analysis of Linear Systems with Interval Time-Varying Delays and Stochastic Parameter Uncertainties박주현; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
2015-02New approach to stability criteria for generalized neural networks with interval time-varying delays박주현; Y. Liu[Y. Liu]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]
2015-02Independent generation system design for the economic management of electrical charging stations이상봉; 서진규[서진규]; 김규호[김규호]
2014-01Q-Band용 도파관의 내부 돌기가 전송 특성에 미치는 영향김기채; 박경식; 조병호; 강진섭[강진섭]; 김정환[김정환]