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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201405Improved delay-dependent stability criteria for T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delay박주현; 증홍병; J.W. Xia[J.W. Xia]; S.P. Xiao[S.P. Xiao]
201010Design of Sigmoid Activation Functions for Fuzzy Cognitive Maps via Lyapunov Stability Analysis권순학; 이인근[이인근]
201501Synchronization of complex dynamical networks with discontinuous coupling signals박주현; 이태희
201408Robust mixed H-infinity and passive filtering for networked Markov jump systems with impulses박주현; 칼리다스마디야라간; R. Sakthivel[R. Sakthivel]; S. Marshal Anthoni[S. Marshal Anthoni]
201408H-infinity consensus performance for discrete-time multi-agent systems with communication delay and multiple disturbances박주현; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
201211Stochastic stability analysis for discrete-time singular Markov jump systems with time-varying delay and piecewise-constant transition probabilities박주현; 오쟁광; H. Su[H. Su]; J. Chu[J. Chu]
201211Exponential synchronization for complex dynamical networks with sampled-data박주현; 오쟁광; H. Su[H. Su]; 송박; J. Chu[J. Chu]
201411Stability analysis of the differential genetic regulatory networks model with time-varying delays and Markovian jumping parameters박주현; S. Lakshmanan[S. Lakshmanan]; F.A. Rihan[F.A. Rihan]; R. Rakkiyappan[R. Rakkiyappan]
201410H-infinity filtering for sample data systems with stochastic sampling and Markovian jumping parameters박주현; V.M. Revathi[V.M. Revathi]; P. Balasubramaniam[P. Balasubramaniam]; 이태희
201410Stability and H-infinity performance analysis for Markovian jump systems with time-varying delays박주현; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]