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201005Reduction of Current Ripples due to Current Measurement Errors in a Doubly Fed Induction Generator박귀근[박귀근]; 황선환[황선환]; 김장목[김장목]; 이교범[이교범]; 이동춘
201005Identification of DC-Link Capacitance for Single-Phase AC/DC PWM Converters보성사[보성사]; 누옌탄하이[누옌탄하이]; 이동춘; 이석규
201003Feedback Linearization Control of Three-Phase UPS Inverter Systems이동춘; 김동억[김동억]
201405Power Smoothening Control of Wind Farms Based on Inertial Effect of Wind Turbine Systems이동춘; 누옌탄하이; 강종호[강종호]
201008SVR을 이용한 풍력 발전 시스템의 플리커 추정반탄룽[반탄룽]; 누옌탄하이[누옌탄하이]; 김기홍[김기홍]; 이동춘
201011An Improved Control Method for a DFIG in a Wind Turbine under an Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition이솔빈[이솔빈]; 이교범[이교범]; 이동춘; 김장목[김장목]
201011Ride-Through Technique for PMSG Wind Turbines using Energy Storage Systems누옌탄하이[누옌탄하이]; 이동춘
201010직류링크 커패시터의 용량 추정시 온도특성 보정보성사[보성사]; 김경현[김경현]; 이동춘; 이교범[이교범]; 김장목[김장목]
201503Estimation of ESR in the DC-Link Capacitors of AC Motor Drive Systems with a Front-End Diode Rectifier이동춘; 누옌탄하이; 리쿠억안
201503Deterioration Monitoring of DC-Link Capacitors in AC Machine Drives by Current Injection이동춘; 누옌탄하이