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2015-01Tubular Si-infiltrated SiCf/SiC composites for solar receiver application-Part 1: Fabrication by replica and electrophoretic deposition윤당혁; A. Ortona[A. Ortona]; T. Fend[T. Fend]; 유현우; 카티라주; 피핏피트리아니
2015-01Synthesis of carbon nanotube-nickel nanocomposites using atomic layer deposition for high-performance non-enzymatic glucose sensing김수현; 최태진[최태진]; 김수현[김수현]; 이창완[이창완]; 김한길; 최상경; 김은경[김은경]; 박주상[박주상]; 김형준[김형준]
2015-01Highly Conformal Amorphous W-Si-N Thin Films by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu Metallization김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 정재훈; 여승민; 천태훈; 배소익; 여소정[여소정]; 김효석[김효석]; 정택모[정택모]; 박보근[박보근]; 김창균[김창균]; 이도중[이도중]
2015-01Formation of ZrO2 in coating on Mg-3 wt.%Al-1 wt.%Zn alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation: Phase and structure of zirconia고영건; 이강민[이강민]; 김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 박주현; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-01Layer-modulated synthesis of uniform tungsten disulfide nanosheet using gas-phase precursors김수현; 정재훈; 박주상[박주상]; 이원선[이원선]; 최태진[최태진]; 황성환[황성환]; 명재민[명재민]; 김형준[김형준]
2015-01The formation of a dielectric SiNxCy sealing layer using an atomic layer deposition technique김수현; 김도영[김도영]; 김형준[김형준]
2014-01Ultrasmooth, High Electron Mobility Amorphous In-Zn-O Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 권장연[권장연]; 김지연[김지연]; 김기주[김기주]; 조영호[조영호]; 조성용[조성용]; Jummy Xu[Jummy Xu]; 김기범[김기범]
2014-01Spherical shaped pore structured cermet supports for solid oxide fuel cells김혜경; 박영민[박영민]
2014-01Correlation between Continuous/Discontinuous Yielding and Hall-Petch Slope in High Purity IronSi Gao[Si Gao]; Akinobu Shibata[Akinobu Shibata]; Meichuan Chen[Meichuan Chen]; 박노근; Nobuhiro Tsuji[Nobuhiro Tsuji]
2015-02Fabrication of SiCf/SiC composites by alternating current electrophoretic deposition (AC-EPD) and hot pressing윤당혁; 카티라주; 유현우; 박지연[박지연]
2014-01TaCx Thin Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition as Diffusion Barriers for Cu Metallization김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 김태호; 정재훈; 김훈[김훈]
2014-01Three-dimensional Gd-doped TiO2 fibrous photoelectrodes for efficient visible light-driven photocatalytic performance송태섭; Junghyun Choi[Junghyun Choi]; P. Sudhagar[P. Sudhagar]; P. Lakshmipathiraj[P. Lakshmipathiraj]; Jung Woo Lee[Jung Woo Lee]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Sangkyu Lee[Sangkyu Lee]; Seungki Hong[Seungki Hong]; S. Eito[S. Eito]; C. Terashima[C. Terashima]; Tae Hee Han[Tae Hee Han]; Jeung Ku Kang[Jeung Ku Kang]; A. Fujishima[A. Fujishima]; Yong Soo Kang[Yong Soo Kang]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2014-01Enhanced thermoelectric performance and ammonia sensing properties of sulfonated polyaniline/graphene thin films조무환; 이진태; 모드안사리; 칸모하마드만숩; 사지드안자리; 아말무하마드이크라술
2015-02Numerical study of a SiC mould subjected to a spark plasma sintering process이동연; 변찬; 이명한; K. Kakegawa[K. Kakegawa]; 한영환
2015-02Optimization of nanocomposite gate insulators for organic thin film transistors임수만; 이근형[이근형]; 김혜경; 김세현
2014-01Mechanical Properties of Bulk Ultrafine Grained Aluminum Fabricated by Torsion Deformation at Various Temperatures and Strain RatesSunisa Khamsuk[Sunisa Khamsuk]; 박노근; Si Gao[Si Gao]; Daisuke Terada[Daisuke Terada]; Hiroki Adachi[Hiroki Adachi]; Nobuhiro Tsuji[Nobuhiro Tsuji]
2015-02Dielectric surface-polarity tuning and enhanced operation stability of solution-processed organic field-effect transistors김지예[김지예]; 장미[장미]; 안태규[안태규]; 김성철; 김혜경; 김세현; 양회창[양회창]; 박찬언[박찬언]
2014-02Characterisation of transparent hydroxyapatite nanoceramics prepared by spark plasma sintering한영환; 윤존도[윤존도]; 김석영; 김병남[김병남]; 에카[에카]; 손형원
2014-02Temperature rise during differential speed rolling라흐마드메간토로; 로렌쯔; 고영건
2014-02Water Glass Coating on a Ti Substrate to Form Si-OH Groups for Improving Cell Behaviors of Dental Implants김석영; 박솔잎; 송인환; 이수정