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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01A Distributed Medium Access Control Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks남승엽; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김창수; 김성원
2014-01Decentralized Predictive MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 남승엽
2014-01A Secure Trust Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; 파루; 남승엽
2014-01A Leader-based Reliable Multicast MAC Protocol for Multimedia Applications김성원; 아프잘카릴; 김병서[김병서]
2015-02FADAC-OFDM: Frequency-Asynchronous Distributed Alamouti-Coded OFDM최권휴; 김봉석
2015-02Trust management system in wireless sensor networks: design considerations and research challenges김성원; 이시마노프파루; Aamir Saeed Malik[Aamir Saeed Malik]; Bahodir Begalov[Bahodir Begalov]
2015-02Critical success factors in the adoption of ubiquitous SCM systems: Strategic implications김창수; 김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬
2015-03The new Petersen-torus networks김성원; Jong-Seok Kim[Jong-Seok Kim]; Hyeong-Ok Lee[Hyeong-Ok Lee]; Mihye Kim[Mihye Kim]
2014-02Beam Tracking for Interference Alignment in Time-Varying MIMO Interference Channels: A Conjugate-Gradient-Based Approach이준세[이준세]; 유희정; 성영철[성영철]
2015-03A MAC Protocol for CR-WSN without a Dedicated Common Control Channel김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 씨리자나
2015-03A Robust Trust Establishment Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; Farruh Ishmanov[Farruh Ishmanov]; 남승엽
2015-03Fuzzy-logic-based channel selection in IEEE 802.22 WRAN김성원; 갸넨드라조쉬; 씨리자나
2015-03Efficient and Reliable MPEG-4 Multicast MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks김성원; Muhammad Khalil Afzal[Muhammad Khalil Afzal]; Byung-Seo Kim[Byung-Seo Kim]
2015-03A Breakthrough in Multihop Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networking Protocols김성원; Byung-Seo Kim[Byung-Seo Kim]; Chi Zhang[Chi Zhang]; Miao Pan[Miao Pan]
2014-03Analysis of Channel Access Delay in CR-MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Wireless Sensor Networks without a Common Control Channel남승엽; 갸넨드라조쉬; 김성원; Srijana Acharya[Srijana Acharya]
2015-03상향링크 SIMO 시스템에서 공간 및 주파수 다이버시티컴바이닝 순서에 따른 SC-FDMA 성능 분석최권휴; 이진희
2015-03PRAM 기반의 조인 알고리즘 성능 비교 연구최규상; 최용성[최용성]; 온병원[온병원]; 이인규[이인규]
2015-04Unsupervised rapid speaker adaptation based on selective eigenvoice merging for user-specific voice interaction박정식; 최동진[최동진]; 오영환[오영환]
2015-04A Novel Trust Establishment Method for Wireless Sensor Networks김성원; Farruh Ishmanov[Farruh Ishmanov]
2015-04Exponential stability criteria for a neutral type stochastic single neuron system with time-varying delays정호열; 가네산아티; 박주현; 유준혁[유준혁]