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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201406Novel Zirconium Nitride and Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Coating: Detailed Analysis and Functional Properties오태환; R. Yuvakkumar[R. Yuvakkumar]; 홍성익[홍성익]; 알푸타라나다낼
201402Photoluminescence studies of ZnO films fabricated by using a combination of a hydrothermal method and plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy regrowth정재학; 이상헌; 박영빈[박영빈]; 임재영[임재영]; 김병규[김병규]
201101Fabrication of a Gold Island Film on Porous Polymeric Substrates by a Strategic Electroless Deposition변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
201412Al-doped ZnO/Ag grid hybrid transparent conductive electrodes fabricated using a low-temperature process박일규; 안하림[안하림]; 오승탁[오승탁]; 김창렬[김창렬]; 백성호[백성호]; 안효진[안효진]
201412Sn compensation via SnSex binary vapor supply during Cu2ZnSnSe4 formation오미솔; 김우경
201410Effect of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) as Crystallization Catalyst on Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) Films Deposited by Wet-solution Coating Method박진호; 김홍탁; 김창득; 김찬[김찬]; 김맹준[김맹준]
201109Synthesis and Characterization of Sb2S3 Nanorods via Complex Decomposition Approach주상우; Abdolali Alemi[Abdolali Alemi]; Younes Hanifehpour[Younes Hanifehpour]
201207Formation of CuInSe2 Absorber Layers Formed Using Co-Electrodeposition Combined with SelenizationKyungwon Moon[Kyungwon Moon]; Young-Boo Lee[Young-Boo Lee]; 안광순; Chel-Jong Choi[Chel-Jong Choi]
201207Structural Studies and Optical and Electrical Properties of Novel Gd3+-Doped Sb2Se3 Nanorods주상우; Abdolali Alemi[Abdolali Alemi]; 요네스피로즈살라리; 민봉기; 오태환
201305Crystallization of kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 prepared by the sulfurization of sputtered Cu-Zn-Sn precursors김규호; 아말무하마드이크라술