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201009Influence of ZrO2 Particulates on Corrosion Resistance of Magnesium Alloy Coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation남궁승[남궁승]; 고영건; 신기룡[신기룡]; 신동혁[신동혁]
201403'Should I stay or should I go?' Bacterial attachment vs biofilm formation on surface-modified membranes이진태; 모세허저버그[모세허저버그]; 슬라브프레그[슬라브프레그]; 로이번스타인[로이번스타인]; 이진형; 김용규
201409Fluorinated Polyimide Gate Dielectrics for the Advancing the Electrical Stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistors김세현; 백용화[백용화]; 임수만; 유은주; 김래호[김래호]; 김혜경; 이승우; 박찬언[박찬언]
201101Fabrication of a Gold Island Film on Porous Polymeric Substrates by a Strategic Electroless Deposition변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
201108Influence of Current Density on Corrosion Properties of AZ91 Mg Alloy Coated by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Method이병욱[이병욱]; 황인준[황인준]; 이재식[이재식]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
201411Grafting Fluorinated Polymer Nano layer for Advancing the Electrical Stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistors김경훈[김경훈]; 안태규[안태규]; 김지예[김지예]; 정용진[정용진]; 장재영[장재영]; 김혜경; 백장열[백장열]; 김윤희[김윤희]; 김세현; 박찬언[박찬언]
201209Experimental Study on Frost Height of Round Plate Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers for Mobile Heat Pumps이동연; 이무연[이무연]; 김용찬[김용찬]
201207Facile formation of nanostructured 1D and 2D arrays of CuO islands김성철; 허필호[허필호]; 양정엽[양정엽]
201509Morphology-dependent low macroscopic field emission properties of titania/titanate nanorods synthesized by alkali-controlled hydrothermal treatment of a metallic Ti surface주상우; 아니타; 바너지나라얀; 민봉기
201112Silicon nanowires with a carbon nanofiber branch as lithium-ion anode material송태섭; Dong Hyun Lee[Dong Hyun Lee]; Moon Seok Kwon[Moon Seok Kwon]; Jae Man Choi[Jae Man Choi]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Seok Gwang Doo[Seok Gwang Doo]; Hyuk Chang[Hyuk Chang]; Won Il Park[Won Il Park]; Wolfgang Sigmund[Wolfgang Sigmund]; Hansu Kim[Hansu Kim]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]