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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201211Zinc oxide nanoparticles reinforced conducting poly(aniline-co-p-phenylenediamine) nanocomposite할도리유바라즈; K. Sivakumar[K. Sivakumar]; V. Senthil Kumar[V. Senthil Kumar]
201212Photoluminescence studies of ZnO thin films prepared using a laser-assisted sol-gel method김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Jewon Lee[Jewon Lee]; Yangsoo Kim[Yangsoo Kim]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]; 이상헌; 소원섭; 정재학
201208Reaction routes for the synthesis of CuInSe2 using bilayer compound precursorsR. Krishnan[R. Krishnan]; D. Wood[D. Wood]; V.U. Chaudhari[V.U. Chaudhari]; E.A. Payzant[E.A. Payzant]; R. Noufi[R. Noufi]; 김우경; T.J. Anderson[T.J. Anderson]; S.Rozeveld [S.Rozeveld ]
201209Experimental Study on Frost Height of Round Plate Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers for Mobile Heat Pumps이동연; 이무연[이무연]; 김용찬[김용찬]
201209Transmission electron microscopy study of the nitridated sapphire under a mixed gas flow of nitrogen and methane정우식
201207Formation of CuInSe2 Absorber Layers Formed Using Co-Electrodeposition Combined with SelenizationKyungwon Moon[Kyungwon Moon]; Young-Boo Lee[Young-Boo Lee]; 안광순; Chel-Jong Choi[Chel-Jong Choi]
201207Facile formation of nanostructured 1D and 2D arrays of CuO islands김성철; 허필호[허필호]; 양정엽[양정엽]
201207Structural Studies and Optical and Electrical Properties of Novel Gd3+-Doped Sb2Se3 Nanorods주상우; Abdolali Alemi[Abdolali Alemi]; 요네스피로즈살라리; 민봉기; 오태환
201201Fabrication and characterization of silicon wire solar cells having ZnO nanorod antireflection coating on Al-doped ZnO seed layer백성호[백성호]; 노범영[노범영]; 박일규; 김재현[김재현]
201201A novel polyol method to synthesize colloidal silver nanoparticles by ultrasonic irradiation변정훈; 김영우[김영우]