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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201005Synthesis and characterization of polycrystalline CuInS2 thin films for solar cell devices at low temperature processing conditions류시옥; 박미선; 한승열[한승열]; 배은진[배은진]; 이태진; Chih Hung Chang[Chih Hung Chang]
201005Synthesis and characterization of CuInSe2 thin films for photovoltaic cells by a solution-based deposition method류시옥; 김채린[김채린]; 한승열[한승열]; Chih Hung Chang[Chih Hung Chang]; 이태진
201011A Study on Copper Selenide Thin Films for Photovoltaics by a Continuous Flow Microreactor류시옥; 김채린; 이태진; 한승열[한승열]; CHIH HUNG CHANG[CHIH HUNG CHANG]
201108Deposition of p-Type Transparent CuxS Thin Films Using a Continuous Flow Microreactor류시옥; 이진영; 정지영; 류상욱[류상욱]; 이태진
201410Study on the CIGS Thin Film Formation by Modified Spray Process류시옥; 장옥결; 박재영; 박선영; 류상욱[류상욱]
201304Dense CdS thin films on fluorine-doped tin oxide coated glass by high-rate microreactor-assisted solution deposition류시옥; Yu-Wei Su[Yu-Wei Su]; Sudhir Ramprasad[Sudhir Ramprasad]; Seung-Yeol Han[Seung-Yeol Han]; Wei Wang[Wei Wang]; Daniel R. Palo[Daniel R. Palo]; Brian K. Paul[Brian K. Paul]; Chih-hung Chang[Chih-hung Chang]
201508Influence of pH and Annealing Temperature on Properties of ZnS(O, OH) Thin Films Deposited by Continuous Flow Microreactor Method박선영; 전호영; Chih Hung Chang[Chih Hung Chang]; 류시옥