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201404ZnO homojunction core-shell nanorods ultraviolet photo-detecting diodes prepared by atomic layer deposition김수현; 고경용[고경용]; 강혜민[강혜민]; 박주상[박주상]; 민병욱[민병욱]; 이희성[이희성]; 임성일[임성일]; 강지연[강지연]; 명재민[명재민]; 정재훈; 김형준[김형준]
201409Global Synchronization of Complex Networks Perturbed by Brown Noises and Poisson Noises박주현; Y. Zhang[Y. Zhang]; B. Song[B. Song]; G. Shi[G. Shi]; Z.G. Wu[Z.G. Wu]
201409Fluorinated Polyimide Gate Dielectrics for the Advancing the Electrical Stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistors김세현; 백용화[백용화]; 임수만; 유은주; 김래호[김래호]; 김혜경; 이승우; 박찬언[박찬언]
201408Au Transport in Catalyst Coarsening and Si Nanowire Formation장자순; 김봉중[김봉중]; J. Tersoff[J. Tersoff]; S. Kodambaka[S. Kodambaka]; E. A. Stach[E. A. Stach]; F. M. Ross[F. M. Ross]
201408Carbon nanotubes: properties, synthesis, purification, and medical applications주상우; Ali Eatemadi[Ali Eatemadi]; Hadis Daraee[Hadis Daraee]; Hamzeh Karimkhanloo[ Hamzeh Karimkhanloo]; Mohammad Kouhi[Mohammad Kouhi]; Nosratollah Zarghami[Nosratollah Zarghami]; Abolfazl Akbarzadeh[Abolfazl Akbarzadeh]; Mozhgan Abasi[Mozhgan Abasi]; 요네스피로즈살라리
201407Properties of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) thin films prepared by one-step sulfo-selenization of alloyed metal precursors김규호; 아말무하마드이크라술; 이성헌
201407Bifunctional Effects of CdSe Quantum Dots and Nb2O5 Interlayer for ZnO Nanorods-based Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting Cells안광순; Soon Hyung Kang[Soon Hyung Kang]; 이수용; Myeng Gil Gang[Myeng Gil Gang]; Jin Hyeok Kim[Jin Hyeok Kim]
201107Measurement of III-V Compound Semiconductor Characteristics using the Contact less Electroreflectance Method최순돈; 유재인; 장호경[장호경]
201107Hydrothermal Synthesis of Sb2S3 Nanorods Using Iodine via Redox Mechanism주상우; 알레미[알레미]; 요네스피로즈살라리; 칸다르[칸다르]; 몰살리[몰살리]; 민봉기
201401TaCx Thin Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition as Diffusion Barriers for Cu Metallization김수현; 홍태은[홍태은]; 김태호; 정재훈; 김훈[김훈]