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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201006Field emission characterization of vertically oriented uniformly grown nickel nanorod arrays on metal-coated silicon substrate주상우; 바너지나라얀
201002Influence of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of CdSe nanoparticles박진호; 움메 파르바[움메 파르바]
201001Improved current collection in WO3:Mo/WO3 bilayer photoelectrodesNicolas Gaillard[Nicolas Gaillard]; B. Cole[B. Cole]; J. Kaneshiro[J. Kaneshiro]; E. L. Miller[E. L. Miller]; B. Marsen[B. Marsen]; L. Weinhardt[L. Weinhardt]; M. Bar[M. Bar]; C. Heske[C. Heske]; 안광순; Yanfa Yan[Yanfa Yan]; M. M. Al-Jassim[M. M. Al-Jassim]
201001Synthesis and characterization of band gap-reduced ZnO:N and ZnO:(Al,N) films for photoelectrochemical water splittingSudhakar Shet[Sudhakar Shet]; 안광순; Todd Deutsch[Todd Deutsch]; Heli Wang[Heli Wang]; N. Ravindra[N. Ravindra]; Yanfa Yan[Yanfa Yan]; John Turner[John Turner]; M. Al-Jassim[M. Al-Jassim]
201001Epitaxial growth of one-dimensional GaN nanostructures with enhanced near-band edge emission by chemical vapor deposition송태섭; 박원일[박원일]; 백운규[백운규]
201406Novel Zirconium Nitride and Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Coating: Detailed Analysis and Functional Properties오태환; R. Yuvakkumar[R. Yuvakkumar]; 홍성익[홍성익]; 알푸타라나다낼
201406Defect-Induced Band Gap Narrowed CeO2 Nanostructures for Visible Light Activities조무환; 칸모하마드만숩; 사지드안자리; Debabrata Pradhan[Debabrata Pradhan]; 한도흥; 이진태
201405Controllable deposition of cadmium oxide and hydroxide nanostructures on silicon using a hydrothermal method박일규; 정용일; 백성호[백성호]
201504Porosity-Controlled TiNb2O7 Microspheres with Partial Nitridation as A Practical Negative Electrode for High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries송태섭; 박현중[박현중]; Hao Bin Wu[ Hao Bin Wu]; Xiong Wen (David) Lou[Xiong Wen (David) Lou]; 백운규[백운규]
201403Charge transport and morphology of pentacene films confined in nano-patterned region김세현; 김태식[김태식]; 장미[장미]; 양회창[양회창]; 이태우[이태우]