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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201406Public Alerts on Landslide Natural Disaster Using Vehicular Communications정재은; Ali Jalooli[Ali Jalooli]; Nornazlita Hussin[Nornazlita Hussin]; Rafidah Md Noor[Rafidah Md Noor]
201406Intelligent Advisory Speed Limit Dedication in Highway Using VANET정재은; Ali Jalooli[Ali Jalooli]; Erfan Shaghaghi[Erfan Shaghaghi]; Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour[Mohammad Reza Jabbarpour]; Rafidah Md Noor[Rafidah Md Noor]; Hwasoo Yeo[Hwasoo Yeo]
201405Transparent conducting indium zinc tin oxide thin films with low indium content deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering이희영; 마리야느푸트리; 구창영; 이정아[이정아]; 김정주[김정주]
201403Project risk assessment model combining the fuzzy weighted average principle with a similarity measure장원석; Pejman Rezakhani[Pejman Rezakhani]; 이상욱[이상욱]; 이동은[이동은]
201009Air-breathing fuel cells fed with dimethoxymethane (DMM) vapor김혜경; 강용묵[강용묵]; 김진호[김진호]
201008Emerging Spatiotemporal Patterns from Discrete Migration Dynamics of Heterogeneous Agents신재균; 맨슈리[맨슈리]
201403Electrical Characteristics of TMAH-Surface Treated Ni/Au/Al2O3/GaN MIS Schottky Structures장자순; 이정희[이정희]; 시바프래탑래디
201403Hybrid Method for Phase-Height Relationship in 3D Shape Measurement using Fringe Pattern Projection정병묵; 박윤창[박윤창]
201501Effect of Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Synthesis of Thermoplastic Cellulose-Graft-Poly(L-lactide) Copolymer Using Ionic Liquid as Reaction Media오태환; 이성준; 이해성[이해성]; 정상원[정상원]; 김현철[김현철]; 이세근[이세근]
201503Design of an adaptive sliding mode controller for robust yaw stabilisation of in-wheel-motor-driven electric vehicles남강현; Hiroshi Fujimoto[Hiroshi Fujimoto]; Yoichi Hori[Yoichi Hori]