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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201006System integration of a portable direct methanol fuel cell and a battery hybrid신동화; 김영현[김영현]; 서주은[서주은]; 장래혁[장래혁]; 조혜정[조혜정]; 김영재[김영재]; 윤성기[윤성기]
201006Effect of pentacene-dielectric affinity on pentacene thin film growth morphology in organic field-effect transistors김세현; Jang, Mi[Jang, Mi]; Yang, Hoichang[Yang, Hoichang]; Park, Chan Eon[Park, Chan Eon]
201005Arrays of Sealed Silicon Nanotubes As Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries송태섭; Jianliang Xia[Jianliang Xia]; 이진헌[이진헌]; 이동현[이동현]; 권문석[권문석]; 최재만[최재만]; Jian Wu[Jian Wu]; 두석광[두석광]; 장혁[장혁]; 박원일[박원일]; 장동식[장동식]; 김한수[김한수]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; Keh-Chih Hwang[Keh-Chih Hwang]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]; 백운규[백운규]
201003Feedback Linearization Control of Three-Phase UPS Inverter Systems이동춘; 김동억[김동억]
201002Influence of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of CdSe nanoparticles박진호; 움메 파르바[움메 파르바]
201002Dependence of Pentacene Crystal Growth on Dielectric Roughness for Fabrication of Flexible Field-Effect Transistors김세현; Yang, Hoichang[Yang, Hoichang]; Yang, Chanwoo[Yang, Chanwoo]; Park, Chan Eon[Park, Chan Eon]; Jang, Mi[Jang, Mi]
201001Effectiveness of domestic wastewater treatment using microbial fuel cells at ambient and mesophilic temperatures안영호; Bruce E. Logan[Bruce E. Logan]
201001Anaerobic Lipid Degradation Through Acidification and Methanization정진영; 김이중[김이중]; 김상현[김상현]; 신항식[신항식]
201406Visible light-driven photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical studies of Ag-SnO2 nanocomposites synthesized using an electrochemically active biofilm조무환; 사지드안자리; 칸모하마드만숩; 모드안사리; 이진태
201406Highly photoactive SnO2 nanostructures engineered by electrochemically active biofilm조무환; 사지드안자리; 칸모하마드만숩; 모드안사리; 이진태