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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201004Production of carbonaceous nanostructures from a silver-carbon ambient spark변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
201002Nanoscale, Electrified Liquid Jets for High-Resolution Printing of Charge송태섭; 박장웅[박장웅]; 이상규[이상규]; Sakulsuk Unarunotai[Sakulsuk Unarunotai]; Yugang Sun[Yugang Sun]; Simon Dunham[Simon Dunham]; Placid M. Ferreira[Placid M. Ferreira]; Andrew G. Alleyene[Andrew G. Alleyene]; 백운규[백운규]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]
201406Synthesis of Amourphous and Crystalline Hollow Manganese Oxide Nanotubes with Highly Porous Walls Using Carbon Nanotube Templates and Enhanced Catalytic Activity주상우; 당중덩; 바너지나라얀; 민봉기
201406Visible light-driven photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical studies of Ag-SnO2 nanocomposites synthesized using an electrochemically active biofilm조무환; 사지드안자리; 칸모하마드만숩; 모드안사리; 이진태
201406Tin-Tin Dioxide@Hollow Carbon Nanospheres Synthesized by Aerosol Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition for High-Density Lithium Storage변정훈; 김영우[김영우]
201406Enhanced Thermal Stability under DC Electrical Conductivity Retention and Visible Light Activity of Ag/TiO2@Polyaniline Nanocomposite Film조무환; 모드안사리; 칸모하마드만숩; 사지드안자리; 이진태; 카티라주
201406Dual Functional Sensing Mechanism in SnO2-ZnO Core-Shell Nanowires김수현; 정재훈; 최선우[최선우]; Akash Katoch[Akash Katoch]; Gun-Joo Sun[Gun-Joo Sun]; 김상섭[김상섭]
201406Aero-Self-Assembly of Ultrafine Gold Incorporated Silica Nanobunches for NIR-Induced Chemo-Thermal Therapy변정훈; 김영우[김영우]
201405Ambient plasma synthesis of TiO2@graphite oxide nanocomposites for efficient photocatalytic hydrogenation변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
201405Preparation of silver nanostructures from a new benzopyrazine silver(I) nitrate coordination polymer주상우; Javad Mollaee[Javad Mollaee]; Fatemeh Molaei[Fatemeh Molaei]; 알리모잘리; Giuseppe Bruno[Giuseppe Bruno]; Hadi Amiri Rudbari[Hadi Amiri Rudbari]