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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201005Functional projective lag synchronization of chaotic systems with disturbances박주현; T.H. Lee[T.H. Lee]; S.C. Lee[S.C. Lee]
201006Tri-Branched Tri-Anchoring Organic Dye for Visible Light-Responsive Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Water-Splitting Cells김재홍; 안광순
201002Implement a constrained optimal control in a conventional level controller-Part 2이문용; 신준호[신준호]; 이종구[이종구]
201406Resistance of rectangular concrete-filled tubular (CFT) sections to the axial load and combined axial compression and bending권영봉; 정인규
201406Finite-time reliable L-2 - L-infinity/H-infinity control for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with actuator faults박주현; Hao Shen[Hao Shen]; Zheng-Guang Wu[Zheng-Guang Wu]
201406Compression tests of cold-formed channel sections with perforations in the web권영봉; 김갑득[김갑득]; 권인규[권인규]
201405Process knowledge based opportunistic optimization of the N-2-CO2 expander cycle for the economic development of stranded offshore fields이문용; 무다시르하산; 이상규[이상규]; 칸모드샤리크
201405Improved delay-dependent stability criteria for T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delay박주현; 증홍병; J.W. Xia[J.W. Xia]; S.P. Xiao[S.P. Xiao]
201505A comparison of the optical and photovoltaic properties of novel double branched organic dyes in dye sensitized solar cells박종호[박종호]; 장보윤; 토기티수레스; 류장현[류장현]; 김성현[김성현]; 손영아[손영아]; 김재홍
201404Delay-dependent H-infinity state estimation of neural networks with mixed time-varying delays박주현; S. Lakshmanan[S. Lakshmanan]; K. Mathiyalagan[K. Mathiyalagan]; R. Sakthivel[R. Sakthivel]; F.A. Rihan[F.A. Rihan]