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201005Diffusiophoretic Motion of a Charged Spherical Particle in a Nanopore주상우; 이상윤; 에렌얄신; 스즈첸; 바이살[바이살]
201006Field emission characterization of vertically oriented uniformly grown nickel nanorod arrays on metal-coated silicon substrate주상우; 바너지나라얀
201003Dielectrophoretic choking phenomenon in a converging-diverging microchannel주상우; 아이[아이]; 리유[리유]; 츠엔[츠엔]
201003Electrodiffusiophoretic Motion of a Charged Spherical Particle in a Nanopore스즈첸; 에렌얄신[에렌얄신]; 주상우; 이상윤[이상윤]; Oktay Baysal[Oktay Baysal]
201003Effects of Electroosmotic Flow on Ionic Current Rectification in Conical Nanopores주상우; 아이[아이]; 장밍칸; 체이니[체이니]; 스즈첸
201406Efficient Solvent-Free Synthesis of Benzothiazine-Fused Pyrrolo[3,4-c]coumarins: Cycloaddition Reactions between Coumarin-Based Dihydrobenzothiazoles and Isocyanides주상우; Mehdi Khoobi[Mehdi Khoobi]; Ali Ramazani[Ali Ramazani]; Mohammad Mahdavi[Mohammad Mahdavi]; Alireza Foroumadi[Alireza Foroumadi]; Saeed Emami[Saeed Emami]; Katarzyna S´ lepokura[Katarzyna S´ lepokura]; Tadeusz Lis[Tadeusz Lis]; Abbas Shafiee[Abbas Shafiee]
201406Synthesis of Amourphous and Crystalline Hollow Manganese Oxide Nanotubes with Highly Porous Walls Using Carbon Nanotube Templates and Enhanced Catalytic Activity주상우; 당중덩; 바너지나라얀; 민봉기
201405Preparation of silver nanostructures from a new benzopyrazine silver(I) nitrate coordination polymer주상우; Javad Mollaee[Javad Mollaee]; Fatemeh Molaei[Fatemeh Molaei]; 알리모잘리; Giuseppe Bruno[Giuseppe Bruno]; Hadi Amiri Rudbari[Hadi Amiri Rudbari]
201405Hydrothermal synthesis of a nano-rod mercury(ii) metal-ligand coordination compound주상우; 요네스피로즈살라리; 알리레자카타이; 민봉기
201405Synthesis of Novel YbxSb2-xTe3 Hexagonal Nanoplates: Investigation of Their Physical, Structural, and Photocatalytic Properties주상우; 요네스피로즈살라리