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201004New Synthetic Routes to Biologically Interesting Geranylated Flavanones and Geranylated Chalcones: First Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Prostratol F, Xanthoangelol, and (+/-)-Lespeol이용록; 정두환[정두환]; 김성홍[김성홍]
201005First total synthesis of Mappain with a Prenylated and Gernylated Stilbene이용록; 락코즈 차크라파니[락코즈 차크라파니]; 정은미[정은미]
201004Induction of p53-independent apoptosis by a novel synthetic hexahydrocannabinol analog is mediated via Sp1-dependent NSAID-activated gene-1 in colon cancer cells김정애; 따파디네쉬; 디네쉬바부[디네쉬바부]; 박민아; 곽미경; 이용록; 김정민[김정민]; 권택규[권택규]
201003New Synthetic Routes to Biologically Interesting Geranylated Acetophenones from Melicope Semecarpifolia and Their Unnatural Prenylated and Farnesylated Derivatives이용록; 하립개[하립개]; 만찰라 나라시물루[만찰라 나라시물루]; 이신[이신]; 심재진
201002Efficient One-Pot Synthesis of Spirooxindole Derivatives by Ethylenediamine Diacetate Catalyzed Reactions in Water이용록; 갈라스리하리[갈라스리하리]
201001Sorption of C. I. Disperse Red 60 in polystyrene and PMMA films and polyester and Nylon 6 textiles in the presence of supercritical carbon dioxide심재진; 박상철[박상철]; Dirk Tuma[Dirk Tuma]; 김선욱[김선욱]; 이용록
201012Hop 유래 Xanthohumol 화합물에 의한 Proteasome계의 유도발현곽미경; 이향림[이향림]; 이용록
201406Synthesis of Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Using Leaf Extract of Perilla Frutescens-A Biogenic Approach이용록; 바사베나가라즈
201406Regioselective Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Furans Through the Ru-II-Catalyzed [3+2] Cycloaddition of Diazodicarbonyl Compounds이용록; 하립개
201403Cerium oxide nanoparticle-catalyzed three-component protocol for the synthesis of highly substituted novel quinoxalin-2-amine derivatives and 3,4-dihydroquinoxalin-2-amines in water이용록; 나우샤드에다야둘라