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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201001Application of terminal box optimization of single-duct air-handling units조영흠; Wang, Gang[Wang, Gang]; Liu, Mingsheng[Liu, Mingsheng]
201406A study on the optimized control strategies of geothermal heat pump system and absorption chiller-heater조영흠; 유시완[유시완]; 정영주; 김석현; 조재훈[조재훈]; 김용식[김용식]
201505A Study on the Control Method Without Stratification of Single Duct VAV Terminal Units김효준; 강수현[강수현]; 조영흠
201404A study on the proposes of energy analysis indicator by the window elements of office buildings in Korea조영흠; 김석현; 김선숙[김선숙]; 김광우[김광우]
201011Improving energy efficiency with the various control sequences for a VAV system through continuous commissioning (R)조영흠; Liu, Mingsheng[Liu, Mingsheng]
201402공립 보육시설 적용 태양열냉난방시스템의 에너지성능 평가조영흠; 민응기[민응기]; 장재수[장재수]; 고명진[고명진]; 조재훈[조재훈]; 김용식[김용식]
201402A study on the control method of single duct VAV terminal unit through the determination of proper minimum air flow강수현[강수현]; 김효준; 조영흠
201504사무용 공간의 창호성능 개선과 차양 설치 및 조명제어를 통한 에너지 소비량 변화에 관한 연구신경주; 김석현; 조영흠
201502외기보상제어 적용에 따른 지열 히트펌프 시스템의 에너지 효율 향상에 관한 연구정영주; 김효준; 이용호[이용호]; 황정하[황정하]; 조영흠
201502A Study on the Variation of Heating and Cooling Load According to the Use of Horizontal Shading and Venetian Blinds in Office Buildings in Korea김석현; 신경주; 최보은; 조재훈[조재훈]; 조수[조수]; 조영흠