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201405Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model for Determining Optimum Tender Price in Multifamily Housing Projects김상용; 김광희[김광희]; 이동운[이동운]
201404Economic Feasibility Analysis of the Application of Geothermal Energy Facilities to Public Building Structures김상용; 장영준[장영준]; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]
201407Case Study on the Maintenance of a Construction Monitoring Using USN-Based Data Acquisition김상용; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]
201401Sustainability Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Roof Waterproofing Methods Considering LCCO2김상용; 이영도[이영도]; 김광희[김광희]
201410공공 건축물 지열에너지설비 적용에 따른 경제성 분석김상용; 장영준[장영준]; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]
201312Life Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions of Different Building Structural Frame Types김상용; 서덕석[서덕석]; 문준호[문준호]; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]
201312Optimizing the Mixing Proportion with Neural Networks Based on Genetic Algorithms for Recycled Aggregate Concrete김상용; 최희복[최희복]; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]; 서덕석[서덕석]
201506Comparative study on the construction cost including carbon emission cost for masonry walls김상용; 황승욱[황승욱]; 김광희[김광희]; 신윤석[신윤석]
201302Efficient Management of Construction Process Using RFID plus PMIS System: A Case Study김상용; 김승호[김승호]; Llewellyn Tang[Llewellyn Tang]; 김광희[김광희]