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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Validation of genetic polymorphisms on BTA14 associated with carcass trait in a commercial Hanwoo population김종주; A. Sharma[A. Sharma]; 당창권[당창권]; 김관석[김관석]; 이학교[이학교]; H.C. Kim[H.C. Kim]; S. H. Yeon[S. H. Yeon]; H. S. Kang[H. S. Kang]; 이승환[이승환]
2015-06Validation of Heterodimeric TAT-NLS Peptide as a Gene Delivery Enhancer도경오
2013-12Validation of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System in Korean Patients With Cancer이경희; 남성현[남성현]; 권정혜[권정혜]; 고수진[고수진]; 신상원[신상원]; 원지윤[원지윤]; 윤소영[윤소영]; 홍영선[홍영선]; Eduardo Bruera[Eduardo Bruera]; 박경우[박경우]
2014-09Validation of the FSA as screening tool for children with ADHD김갑숙; 김지현; 서소희
2014-06Validation of the Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 in people with epilepsy: A MEPSY study이세진; Jong-Geun Seo[Jong-Geun Seo]; YongWon Cho[YongWon Cho]; Jang-Joon Lee[Jang-Joon Lee]; Ji-Eun Kim[Ji-Eun Kim]; Hye-Jin Moon[Hye-Jin Moon]; Sung-Pa Park[Sung-Pa Park]
2014-04Validity of Korean Versions of the Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale and the Multiple Sclerosis International Quality of Life Questionnaire박민수; 허소영[허소영]; 김호진[김호진]; 조정남[조정남]; 김수현[김수현]; 정애란[정애란]; 박기병[박기병]; 김우준[김우준]
2014-03Valsalva retinopathy following esophagogastroduodenoscopy under propofol sedation: A case report장우혁; 박주홍[박주홍]; 사공민
2014-10Valsartan independent of AT(1) receptor inhibits tissue factor, TLR-2 and-4 expression by regulation of Egr-1 through activation of AMPK in diabetic conditions강영진; 하유미[하유미]; 장기철[장기철]; 박은정[박은정]; 김혜정[김혜정]; 박상원[박상원]
2011-05Valuation of Exotic Options under Lévy Processes : A Pricing Kernel Approach조승모
2012-03Value of 3D MR Lumbosacral Radiculography in the Diagnosis of Symptomatic Chemical Radiculitis안면환; 변우목; 안상호
2010-12Values Underlying U.S. Low-Income Rural Mothers' Voices about Welfare and Welfare Reform: An Inductive Analysis이재림; 메리조 카트라스[메리조 카트라스]; 진 바우어[진 바우어]
2014-08Valve-Point 효과가 고려된 경제급전 문제에서의 DS알고리즘에 관한 연구이상봉; 박시나; 최병주; 김규호[김규호]
2015-02Vapor liquid equilibrium prediction of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon systems using LSSVM algorithm이문용; Alireza Bahadori[Alireza Bahadori]; Mohammad Mesbah[Mohammad Mesbah]; Ebrahim Soroushb[Ebrahim Soroushb]; Vahid Azari[Vahid Azari]; Samaneh Habibnia[Samaneh Habibnia]
2013-09Variation in Serum Creatinine Level Is Correlated to Risk of Type 2 Diabetes윤지성; 문준성; 이지은[이지은]
2010-05Variations in an oleic acid and metal nitrate emulsion under calcination on the structural and morphology of LaAlO3 nanopowders김기현; 제야슬란챤드라다스; M. Balasubramanian[M. Balasubramanian]; 배동식[배동식]; 김종렬[김종렬]
2012-08VCM controller design with enhanced disturbance decoupling for precise automated manufacturing processes석줄기; 김성국[김성국]
2010-08VCTFK 끝단에서 발생되는 트래킹의 진전특성이광식; 지승욱[지승욱]; 김시국[김시국]; 옥경재[옥경재]; 이춘하[이춘하]
2012-03VEGFA and VEGFR2 genetic polymorphisms and survival in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma김민경; 현명수; 배영경; 이경희; 서철원[서철원]; 지현숙[지현숙]; 이경원[이경원]; 김인숙[김인숙]; 엄현석[엄현석]; 공선영[공선영]; 배성화[배성화]; 류헌모[류헌모]; 신임희[신임희]; 문영철[문영철]; 정화순[정화순]; 조희순
2014-09Vehicle Impact Analysis of Flexible Barriers Supported by Different Shaped Posts in Sloping Ground우광성; 이동우; 안재석
2014-09Verification of an optimized stimulation point on the abdominal wall for transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation for activation of deep lumbar stabilizing muscles안상호; 백승옥; 조희경[조희경]; 정길수; 손수민; 조윤우