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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07J-tip guide wire entrapment within the heart during central venous catheterization도준영; 강석휘[강석휘]; 박원규[박원규]; 조규향; 박종원; 윤경우
2013-08Jaw-thrust induces sympathetic responses during induction of general anesthesia지대림; 박상진; 김범수[김범수]
2011-06Joining alumina ceramics in green state using a paste of ceramic slurry한주환
2013-01Joining of zirconia ceramics in green state using a paste of zirconia slurry한주환
2014-03Joining partially-sintered alumina ceramics using a mixture slurry of alumina sol and suspension한주환
2010-09Joint Adaptive Modulation and Power Allocation for Multiuser MIMO Systems with Reduced-Feedback박용완; 왕우상[왕우상]
2012-04Joint Analysis of Binary and Quantitative Traits With Data Sharing and Outcome-Dependent Sampling곽민정; Gang Zheng[Gang Zheng]; Colin Wu[Colin Wu]; Wenhua Jiang[Wenhua Jiang]; Jungnam Joo[Jungnam Joo]; Joao A.C. Lima[Joao A.C. Lima]
2013-05Joint effects of heavy metal binary mixtures on seed germination, root and shoot growth, bacterial bioluminescence, and gene mutation공인철
2011-07Joint power rate allocation for minimum mean transmission delay in cellular CDMA downlink최권휴; 남승엽; 최규상
2012-09Joule Heating Effect in Constant Voltage Mode Isotachophoresis in a Microchannel심재술; Prashanta Dutta[Prashanta Dutta]
2015-08Joule heating induced interfacial instabilities in free-surface electro-osmotic flows주상우; 모하르데이
2012-03Junction contraction for a T-shaped micro-channel to enhance mixing강동진; 송동주; 송창민[송창민]
2015-01Keratinocytic Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor as a Novel Biomarker for Pathological Skin Condition정태천; 배옥남[배옥남]; 노민수[노민수]; 천영진[천영진]
2012-03Ketoacidosis with Hypertriglyceridemia-Induced Pancreatitis in a Patient with Gestational Diabetes: A Case Report윤지성; 원규장; 이형우; 박상현[박상현]; 정현희[정현희]
2014-05Kikuchi-fujimoto disease mimicking malignant lymphoma with 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose PET/CT in children이재민; 김지은; 최광해; 이영환; 최준혁; 공은정; 조인호; 하정옥; 배순환; 이은경
2010-06Kinetic analysis of Drosophila Vnd protein containing homeodomain with its target sequence유시욱
2014-02Kinetic modeling of a triarylmethane dye decolorization by photoelectro-Fenton process in a recirculating system: Nonlinear regression analysis주상우; 알리레자카타이; Behrouz Vahid[ Behrouz Vahid]; Behzad Behjati[ Behzad Behjati]; Mahdieh Safarpour[Mahdieh Safarpour]
2013-11Kinetic modeling of photoassisted-electrochemical process for degradation of an azo dye using boron-doped diamond anode and cathode with carbon nanotubes주상우; 알리레자카타이; Amirreza Khataee[Amirreza Khataee]; Mehrangiz Fathinia[Mehrangiz Fathinia]; Behrouz Vahid[Behrouz Vahid]
2011-05Kinetic Resolution of 3-Fluoroalanine Using a Fusion Protein of D-Amino Acid Oxidase with Vitroscilla Hemoglobin윤형돈; 서영만[서영만]; 강용호
2010-06Kinetic Resolution of alpha-methylbenzylamine by Recombinant Pichia pastoris Expressing omega-transaminase윤형돈; 배한섭[배한섭]; 서영만[서영만]; 차민호[차민호]; 김병기[김병기]