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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-07H-Bonding Controls the Regio-selectivities on the Acid-catalyzed Reaction of Fluorenone with Phenol Derivatives나춘섭; 박규순[박규순]; 박은묵[박은묵]
2014-08H-infinity consensus performance for discrete-time multi-agent systems with communication delay and multiple disturbances박주현; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
2014-10H-infinity filtering for sample data systems with stochastic sampling and Markovian jumping parameters박주현; V.M. Revathi[V.M. Revathi]; P. Balasubramaniam[P. Balasubramaniam]; 이태희
2015-02H-infinity Performance and Stability Analysis of Linear Systems with Interval Time-Varying Delays and Stochastic Parameter Uncertainties박주현; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
2015-04H-infinity state estimation for discrete-time neural networks with interval time-varying delays and probabilistic diverging disturbances박주현; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
2013-11H-infinity synchronization of chaotic neural networks with time-varying delays박주현; O.M. Kwon[O.M. Kwon]; M.J. Park[M.J. Park]; S.M. Lee[S.M. Lee]; E.J. Cha[E.J. Cha]
2014-12H-infinity tracking of uncertain stochastic time-delay systems: Memory state-feedback controller design박주현; J. Xia[J. Xia]; 이태희; B. Zhang[B. Zhang]
2011-04H1N1 2009으로 사망한 임신부 1예허지안
2010-10H1N1 인플루엔자 바이러스 감염과 동반되어 발생한 신증후군 1례박용훈; 김세윤[김세윤]; 김명욱[김명욱]; 이상수[이상수]
2011-03HARDY SPACES AND UNBOUNDED QUASIDISKS김용찬; Toshiyuki Sugawa[Toshiyuki Sugawa]
2011-02Harvest of Scenedesmus sp with bioflocculant and reuse of culture medium for subsequent high-density cultures박용하; Dong-Geol Kim[Dong-Geol Kim]; Hyun-Joon La[Hyun-Joon La]; Chi-Yong Ahn[Chi-Yong Ahn]; Hee-Mock Oh[Hee-Mock Oh]
2015-04Has competition increased hospital technical efficiency?박상철; 이건형[이건형]; 박정원[박정원]; 임승후[임승후]
2012-01Has globalization strengthened South Korea's national research system? National and international dynamics of the Triple Helix of scientific co-authorship relationships in South Korea권기석[권기석]; 박한우; 소민호[소민호]; Loet Leydesdorff[Loet Leydesdorff]
2011-03HDPE-부틸고무 이중복합시트와 다발형 유리섬유직포 적층형 방수재의 성능평가안용선; 오상근[오상근]; 권영화[권영화]
2012-07Health impact assessment of free immunization program in Jinju City, Korea김건엽[김건엽]; 전소연[전소연]; 전만중; 이권호[이권호]; 이석구[이석구]; 김동진[김동진]; 강은정[강은정]; 배상근[배상근]; 김진희[김진희]
2013-12Heart sound cancellation from lung sound record using cyclostationarity박용완; Hong Tang[Hong Tang]; Ting Li[Ting Li]; Tianshuang Qiu[Tianshuang Qiu]
2015-05Heat dissipation properties of oxide layers formed on 7075 Al alloy via plasma electrolytic oxidation김연성[김연성]; 양해웅; 신기룡[신기룡]; 고영건; 신동혁[신동혁]
2015-05Heat transfer characteristics of aluminum foam heat sinks subject to an impinging jet under fixed pumping power변찬
2014-08Heavy metals in the Indian atmosphere: A review락쉬미슈바라프; 서영교; 백성옥