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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09F-18 FDG PET/CT 전신 영상에서 SUVs 측정에 기반한 조기/정밀 진단 연구김성규; 박정규[박정규]; 조인호; 공은정[공은정]; 박명환[박명환]; 조복연[조복연]
2015-08F-18 FDG PET/MRI findings of primary breast lymphoma in two cases FDG PET/MRI findings of primary breast lymphoma공은정; 조인호
2013-03F-18 FDG PET/MRI와 PET/CT 전신 영상에서 VOI를 이용한 정상부위의SUVLBM-최대치에 의한 영상평가김성규; 박정규 [박정규 ]; 조인호; 공은정; 박명환[박명환]
2013-04(F-18)Fluoro-deoxy-D-glucose uptake of knee joints in the aspect of age-related osteoarthritis: a case-control study홍영훈; 공은정
2013-05F-18-FDG PET/CT findings in patients with Kikuchi disease조인호; 천경아; 공은정; 홍영훈; 하정옥
2011-07F-18-FDG PET/CT in inflammatory pseudotumor of the colon causing intussusception천경아; 조인호; 정주혜; 공은정; 김용진; 김재황
2012-09F0 Extrema Timing of HL and LH in North Kyungsang Korean: Evidence from a Mimicry Task김정선
2011-06Fabrication and Characterization of GaN/Polymer Composite p-n Junction with PEDOT Nanoparticle Interface Layer김종수; M.S. Kim[M.S. Kim]; S.-M. Jin[S.-M. Jin]; H.Y. Choi[H.Y. Choi]; G.S. Kim[G.S. Kim]; K.G. Yim[K.G. Yim]; S. Kim[S. Kim]; G. Nam[G. Nam]; H.S. Yoon[H.S. Yoon]; Y. Kim[Y. Kim]; D.-Y. Lee[D.-Y. Lee]; Jin S. Kim[Jin S. Kim]; J.-Y. Leem[J.-Y. Leem]
2013-09Fabrication and Characterization of Hybrid Si/ZnO Subwavelength Structures as Efficient Antireflection Layer박일규; 백성호[백성호]; 박정수[박정수]; 정용일; 김재현[김재현]
2012-01Fabrication and characterization of silicon wire solar cells having ZnO nanorod antireflection coating on Al-doped ZnO seed layer백성호[백성호]; 노범영[노범영]; 박일규; 김재현[김재현]
2010-03Fabrication and Characterization of the Capillary Performance of Superhydrophilic Cu Micropost Arrays변찬; 남영석[남영석]; S. Sharratt[S. Sharratt]; 김성진[김성진]; 주성택[주성택]
2012-08Fabrication and deodorizing efficiency of nanostructured core-sheath TiO2 nanofibers박순지; 김혜림[김혜림]; 방현식[방현식]; 카즈시게 후지모리[카즈시게 후지모리]; 김병석[김병석]; 김순호[김순호]; 김익수[김익수]
2013-01Fabrication and evaluation of pH-modulated solid dispersion for telmisartan by spray-drying technique김종오; 용철순; 마라시니니르말; 트란탄힙; 포우델비자이; 조혁준; 최영근; 지상철[지상철]; 최한곤[최한곤]
2010-10Fabrication and evaluation of the thin NiFe supported solid oxide fuel cell by co-firing method김혜경; 김경현[김경현]; 박영민[박영민]
2014-01Fabrication of [60] Fullerene Grafted Polymer: Self-Assembly Behavior in Polar Solvents할도리유바라즈; 심재진; 나오샤드이슬람
2011-01Fabrication of a Gold Island Film on Porous Polymeric Substrates by a Strategic Electroless Deposition변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
2010-01Fabrication of a microarray using a combination of the large circular sense and antisense DNA도경오; 이윤한[이윤한]; 한길환[한길환]; 엄석용[엄석용]; 김종필[김종필]; 배윤위[배윤위]; 박정호[박정호]; 문익재[문익재]; 박종구[박종구]
2015-01Fabrication of a Nanofibrous Mat with a Human Skin Pattern고태조; 김정화[김정화]; 장진화[장진화]; 정영훈[정영훈]; 조동우[조동우]
2010-07Fabrication of a Pure, Uniform Electroless Silver Film Using Ultrafine Silver Aerosol Particles변정훈; 김장우[김장우]
2013-02Fabrication of a uniformly sized fenofibrate microemulsion by membrane emulsification김종오; 로샨프라단; 이동원; 용철순; 최한곤[최한곤]