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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08(E)-Ethyl 2-cyano-3-(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)-acrylate할도리유바라즈; D.Gayathri[D.Gayathri]; R.G.Kalkhambkar[R.G.Kalkhambkar]; V.K Gupta[V.K Gupta]; Rajnikant[Rajnikant]
2013-08E-campaigning versus the Public Official Election Act in South Korea Causes, consequences and implications of cyber-exile박한우; 이연옥[이연옥]
2014-07E-Learning Recommender Systems Based on Goal-Based Hybrid Filtering정재은; Muhammad Waseem Chughtai[Muhammad Waseem Chughtai]; Ali Selamat[Ali Selamat]; Imran Ghani[Imran Ghani]
2011-09e-Research applications for tracking online socio-political capital in the Asia-Pacific region스티븐샘스; 임연수; 박한우
2011-04E6 and E7 fusion immunoglobulin from human papilloma virus 16 induces dendritic cell maturation and antigen specific activation of T helper 1 response최인호; 김상훈[김상훈]; 허유진[허유진]; 이석준[이석준]; 김상준[김상준]; 박정규[박정규]; 오유경[오유경]; 정운원[정운원]; 서정복[서정복]; 남명희[남명희]; 전태훈[전태훈]
2012-06Early Childhood Preservice Teachers' Expectation of Reality Shock during the First Year of Professional Teaching in the United States정혜욱; 김현진[김현진]
2013-06Early Colorectal Epithelial Neoplasm in Korea: A Multicenter Survey of Pathologic Diagnosis진소영[진소영]; 강윤경[강윤경]; 장미수[장미수]; 김정연[김정연]; 강경훈[강경훈]; 이혜승[이혜승]; 손진희[손진희]; 박호성[박호성]; 권기원[권기원]; 구미진; 맹영희[맹영희]; 주정은[주정은]; 강행지[강행지]; 김혜경[김혜경]; 장기택[장기택]; 이미자[이미자]; 장희경[장희경]; 김준미[김준미]; 한혜승[한혜승]; 이원애[이원애]; 최윤정[최윤정]; 강동욱[강동욱]; 박선후[박선후]; 이재혁[이재혁]; 조미연[조미연]
2012-06Early treatment outcome of isolated calf vein thrombosis after total knee arthroplasty윤우성; Huh, Seung[Huh, Seung]; Lee, Kyung Keun[Lee, Kyung Keun]; Cho, Jayun[Cho, Jayun]; Kim, Hyung-Kee[Kim, Hyung-Kee]; Kyung, Hee-Soo[Kyung, Hee-Soo]
2010-03Early Viral Kinetics of Telbivudine and Entecavir: Results of a 12-Week Randomized Exploratory Study with Patients with HBeAg-Positive Chronic Hepatitis B이헌주; 서동진[서동진]; 엄순호[엄순호]; Eva Herrmann[Eva Herrmann]; 김주헌[김주헌]; 이영석[이영석]; 이명석[이명석]; 이윤재[이윤재]; Weibin Bao[Weibin Bao]; 이한주[이한주]
2013-11Early- and late-term clinical outcome and their predictors in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction김영조; 윤창환[윤창환]; 강시혁[강시혁]; 최동주[최동주]; 조명찬[조명찬]; 권현철[권현철]; 박현웅[박현웅]; 김효수[김효수]; 안용건[안용건]; 정명호[정명호]
2014-12Eating habits and eating behaviors by family dinner frequency in the lower-grade elementary school students서정숙; Seo Yeon Lee[Seo Yeon Lee]; Seong Ah Ha[Seong Ah Ha]; Cheong Min Sohn[Cheong Min Sohn]; Hae Ryun Park[Hae Ryun Park]; Kyung Won Kim[Kyung Won Kim]
2013-12Ebastine의 약동학에 미치는 Telmisartan의 영향백상훈; 박선경; 장유정; 임미선; 강원구
2010-12EBS 인터넷 수능강의와 사설 인터넷 수능강의의 실태 및 만족도 비교분석조규락; 조은진[조은진]
2010-06Eco-dyeing and Antimicrobial Properties of Chlorophyllin Copper Complex Extracted from Sasa veitchii박영미; 박순지
2012-05Eco-friendly fireproof high-strength polymer cementitious composites강주원; 원종필[원종필]; 강희병[강희병]; 이수진[이수진]
2015-09Eco-friendly synthesis of diverse and valuable 2-pyridones by catalyst- and solvent-free thermal multicomponent domino reaction이용록; 테즈나라얀포우델; 김성홍[김성홍]
2015-07Eco-friendly, catalyst-free synthesis of highly pure carbon spheres using vegetable oils as a renewable source and their application as a template for ZnO and MgO hollow spheres조무환; 산데쉬사완트; H.C. Bajaj[H.C. Bajaj]; S. Senthilkumar[S. Senthilkumar]; Rajesh S. Somani[Rajesh S. Somani]
2014-04Economic Feasibility Analysis of the Application of Geothermal Energy Facilities to Public Building Structures김상용; 장영준[장영준]; 신윤석[신윤석]; 김광희[김광희]
2014-09Ectopic intrathyroidal thymus accompanied by intrathyroidal parathyroid as a cause of a solitary thyroid nodule in adult배영경; 김애리[김애리]; 강수환
2012-07Eddy current testing of type-439 stainless steel tubing using magnetic saturation technique홍승열; 이희종[이희종]; 조찬희[조찬희]; 남민우[남민우]; 유현주[유현주]