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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04A Series-Connected Topology of a Diode Rectifier and a Voltage-Source Converter for an HVDC Transmission System이동춘; 누옌탄하이; 김찬기[김찬기]
2011-05A simple and facile method to synthesize Co3O4 nanoparticles from metal benzoate dihydrazinate complex as a precursor할도리유바라즈; Kavitha Thangavelu[Kavitha Thangavelu]; K.Parameswari[K.Parameswari]; K.Kuppusamy[K.Kuppusamy]
2013-02A simple and fast preparation of neodymium-substituted nanocrystalline Mn2O3주상우; Marcos A. Cheney[Marcos A. Cheney]; 요네스피로즈살라리; 민봉기
2012-07A simple biogenic route to rapid synthesis of Au@TiO2 nanocomposites by electrochemically active biofilms조무환; 이진태; 바너지나라얀; 칸모하마드만숩; 샤피어칼라틸
2011-05A simple fabrication and integration technique of microlens for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip by overflow of UV resin through holes이봉기[이봉기]; 박장민; 김동성[김동성]; 권태헌[권태헌]
2011-05A simple method to prepare indium oxide nanoparticles: Structural, microstructural and magnetic properties김기현; J. Chandradass[J. Chandradass]; Dongsik Bae[Dongsik Bae]
2013-12A simple soft linear detection for coded multi-input multi-output systems최권휴; 김영민[김영민]; 샹핑핑[샹핑핑]; 김수영[김수영]
2013-05A simple way to enhance Doxil (R) therapy: Drug release from liposomes at the tumor site by amphiphilic block copolymer김종오; Kabanov AV[Kabanov AV]; Bronich TK[Bronich TK]; Zhao Y[Zhao Y]; Alakhova DY[Alakhova DY]
2010-11A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in LOC534614 as an Unknown Gene Associated with Body Weight and Cold Carcass Weight in Hanwoo (Korean Cattle)여정수; 이윤석[이윤석]; 오동엽[오동엽]; 이지홍[이지홍]; 김종주; 박홍석[박홍석]
2014-09A single port laparoscopic surgery robot with high force transmission and a large workspace김홍진; 지대근[지대근]; 천병식[천병식]; 홍재성[홍재성]; Erkin Gezgin[Erkin Gezgin]; Morimasa Tomikawa[Morimasa Tomikawa]; Makoto Hashizume[Makoto Hashizume]
2013-06A SNP Harvester Analysis to Better Detect SNPs of CCDC158 Gene That Are Associated with Carcass Quality Traits in Hanwoo이제영; 이종형; 여정수; 김종주
2011-05A socio-technical perspective on e-government issues in developing countries: a scientometrics approach고하페로즈칸; 문정훈[문정훈]; 박한우; Bobby swar[Bobby swar]; 노재정[노재정]
2013-09A spot matching algorithm using the topology of neighbor spots in 2D-PAGE images윤영우; 한찬명; 전대성[전대성]; 김휘원[김휘원]
2011-03A Stable Formation Control Using Approximation of Translational and Angular Accelerations이석규; 쩐뱃홍[쩐뱃홍]
2013-12A statistical inference for concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene partially measured in the ambient air of an industrial city in Korea백성옥; 서영교; 김용구[김용구]
2015-02A Statistical Model-Based Cell-to-Cell Variability Management of Li-ion Battery Pack신동화; Massimo Poncino[Massimo Poncino]; Enrico Macii[Enrico Macii]; Naehyuck Chang[Naehyuck Chang]
2014-11A Stochastic Modeling for VM Consolidation in Cloud Computing남승엽; 박민호[박민호]; 윤지훈[윤지훈]
2011-09A Strategy Bayesian Model to Predict Profit of Construction Projects김상용; 박성혁[박성혁]
2012-03A strategy for the preparation of cyclic polyarenes based on single electron transfer-promoted photocyclization reactions조대원; 최정희[최정희]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 박별나[박별나]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2015-02A Studay of Jianyin and Tuanyin in Modern Loudi Dialect이춘영; 한가준