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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05A comparative study on the bulk adhesive strength of the recombinant mussel adhesive protein fp-3서정현; 양병선[양병선]; 강동균[강동균]; 최유성[최유성]; 차형준[차형준]
2012-09A comparison of microstructural maturational changes of the corpus callosum in preterm and full-term children: a diffusion tensor imaging study손수민; 장성호; 이은실; 조해민; 조희경; 여상석; 김한선
2014-04A Comparison of Posterior and Medial Cord Stimulation for Neurostimulation- Guided Vertical Infraclavicular Block: A Randomized Noninferiority Clinical Trial정성미; 양춘우[양춘우]; 권희욱[권희욱]; 강포순[강포순]; 조춘규[조춘규]; 오진영[오진영]; 이윤석[이윤석]; 최정희[최정희]
2013-05A comparison of proximal and distal chevron osteotomy for the correction of moderate hallux valgus deformity박철현; 장종훈[장종훈]; 이상형[이상형]; 이우천[이우천]
2012-01A comparison of the Daegu and Edinburgh musical industries: a triple helix approach고하페로즈칸; 박한우; 조성은
2014-03A Comparison of the In Vitro Inhibitory Effects of Thelephoric Acid and SKF-525A on Human Cytochrome P450 Activity정태천; 송민[송민]; 도현희[도현희]; 권오광[권오광]; 양은주[양은주]; 배종섭[배종섭]; 송경식[송경식]; 이상규[이상규]
2015-05A comparison of the optical and photovoltaic properties of novel double branched organic dyes in dye sensitized solar cells박종호[박종호]; 장보윤; 토기티수레스; 류장현[류장현]; 김성현[김성현]; 손영아[손영아]; 김재홍
2012-05A comparison of the recombination efficiency in green-emitting InGaN quantum dots and quantum wells박일규; 권민기[권민기]; 박성주[박성주]
2015-03A Comparison Study of Multinational Chain Hotel Employees' Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility in China and Korea이건희; 김청아[김청아]; 김상혁[김상혁]
2010-04A Complex of 2-Hydroxyisocaproyl-Coenzyme A Dehydratase and its Activator from Clostridium difficile Stabilized by Aluminium Tetrafluoride-Adenosine Diphosphate김지회; 안토니오 피에릭[안토니오 피에릭]; 볼프강 부클[볼프강 부클]
2013-09A Compound Poisson Risk Model with a Two-Step Premium Rule이지연; 송미정
2012-11A compound Poisson risk model with variable premium rate이지연; 송미정; 김종우[김종우]
2012-01A comprehensive manually curated protein-protein interaction database for the Death Domain superfamily박현호; 권동섭[권동섭]; 윤종환[윤종환]; 신수용[신수용]; 장태호[장태호]; 김홍기[김홍기]; 서인석[서인석]; 전주홍[전주홍]
2013-08A computational analysis of the airflow in a twin-track subway tunnel with a sliding-curtain to improve ventilation performance송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 류경진; 정상현[정상현]
2011-05A computational analysis of the train-wind to identify the best position for the air-curtain installation송동주; 막슈다쥬래바; 이준호[이준호]
2015-03A computational intelligence scheme for prediction of interfacial tension between pure hydrocarbons and water이문용; Mahdi Kalantari Meybodi[Mahdi Kalantari Meybodi]; Amin Shokrollahi[Amin Shokrollahi]; Hossein Safari[Hossein Safari]; Alireza Bahadori[Alireza Bahadori]
2011-08A Computational Model for simulating Korean Visual Word Recognition이윤형
2013-09A Computational Study of Physical Properties of the Smallest Fullerene, C-20 Nanoparticle주상우; 요네스피로즈살라리; H.R.Khataee[H.R.Khataee]; Zhong,Y[Zhong,Y]; A. W. C. Liew[A. W. C. Liew]
2011-12A computational study of the effect of angles of attack on a double-cone type supersonic inlet with a bleeding system송동주; 류경진[류경진]; 임설[임설]