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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08Atomic layer deposition of Ti-doped ZnO films with enhanced electron mobility김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 권장연[권장연]; 김기범[김기범]; Jimmy Xu[Jimmy Xu]; 김기주[김기주]
2013-12Biogenic Synthesis, Photocatalytic, and Photoelectrochemical Performance of Ag-ZnO Nanocomposite조무환; 이진태; 칸모하마드만숩; 모드안사리; 사지드안자리
2012-12Characteristics of Sn and Zn co-substituted In2O3 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering이희영; 이정아[이정아]; 이준형[이준형]; 허영우[허영우]; 김정주[김정주]
2014-11Conducting Copolymer/ZnO Nanocomposite: Synthesis, Characterization, and Its Photocatalytic Activity for the Removal of Pollutants심재진; K. Sivakumar[K. Sivakumar]; V. Senthil Kumar[V. Senthil Kumar]; 할도리유바라즈
2011-08Effects of cooling rate and post-heat treatment on properties of ZnO thin films deposited by sol-gel method김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Kwang Gug Yim[Kwang Gug Yim]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Jeong-Sik Son[Jeong-Sik Son]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]
2012-05Effects of growth conditions on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO submicron particles grown by using vapor phase transport김종수; 김소아람[김소아람]; 김민수[김민수]; 임광국[임광국]; 임재영[임재영]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 손정식[손정식]
2012-12Effects of Precursor Concentrations on ZnO Nano-fibrous Thin Films Grown by Using the Sol-gel Dip-coating Method정재학; 이상헌; 소원섭; 이재영[이재영]; 이제원[이제원]; 김민수[김민수]; 김소아람[김소아람]; 박성희[박성희]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 박현길[박현길]
2013-10In/Ga-Free, Inkjet-Printed Charge Transfer Doping for Solution-Processed ZnO김세현; 유성훈[유성훈]; 김범준[김범준]; 강문성[강문성]; 한종훈[한종훈]; 이준영[이준영]; 조정호[조정호]
2014-02Nano ZnO@reduced graphene oxide composite for high performance supercapacitor: Green synthesis in supercritical fluid할도리유바라즈; Walter Voit[Walter Voit]; 심재진
2012-01Optical Properties of ZnO Soccer-Ball Structures Grown by Vapor Phase Transport정재학; 이상헌[이상헌]; 김민수 [김민수 ]; 김도엽[김도엽]; 임광국[임광국]; 이동율[이동율]; 김진수[김진수]; 김종수; 손정식[손정식]; 김성오[김성오]; 임재영[임재영]; 남기웅[남기웅]; 김소람[김소람]
2011-04Optical Properties of ZnO Submicron Particles Grown by Using Vapor Phase Transport김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Kwang Gug Yim[Kwang Gug Yim]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]
2014-08Optimizing the optical properties of fluorine-doped ZnO thin films deposited by sol-gel spin-coatingJae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]; 김종수; Hyunsik Yoon[Hyunsik Yoon]; Hyonkwang Choi[Hyonkwang Choi]; Sang-heon Lee[Sang-heon Lee]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Jeong-Sik Son[Jeong-Sik Son]
2015-08Performance-enhanced ZnO nanorod-based piezoelectric nanogenerators on double-sided stainless steel foil박일규; 정다양; 백성호[백성호]; 로퀴불하산
2012-10Photoluminescence studies of ZnO thin films on R-plane sapphire substrates grown by sol-gel method김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; GiWoong Nam[GiWoong Nam]; Soaram Kim[Soaram Kim]; Do Yeob Kim[Do Yeob Kim]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; Sung-O Kim[Sung-O Kim]; Jeong-Sik Son[Jeong-Sik Son]; Dong-Yul Lee[Dong-Yul Lee]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]
2012-12Photoluminescence studies of ZnO thin films prepared using a laser-assisted sol-gel method김종수; Min Su Kim[Min Su Kim]; Jewon Lee[Jewon Lee]; Yangsoo Kim[Yangsoo Kim]; Jae-Young Leem[Jae-Young Leem]; 이상헌; 소원섭; 정재학
2015-09Pressurized polyol synthesis of Al-doped ZnO nanoclusters with high electrical conductivity and low near-infrared transmittance김혜경; 김현종[김현종]; 이호년[이호년]; 신지호[신지호]; Duck Kun Hwang[Duck Kun Hwang]; Kyeongseok Oh[Kyeongseok Oh]
2013-07Printed, sub-2V ZnO Electrolyte Gated Transistors and Inverters on Plastic김세현; 홍기현[홍기현]; 이근형[이근형]; C. D. Frisbie[C. D. Frisbie]
2015-01Sonochemical synthesis of Pr-doped ZnO nanoparticles for sonocatalytic degradation of Acid Red 17주상우; Alireza Khataee[Alireza Khataee]; Atefeh Karim[Atefeh Karim]; Samira Arefi-Oskoui[ Samira Arefi-Oskoui]; Reza Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani[Reza Darvishi Cheshmeh Soltani]; 요네스피로즈살라리; Behzad Soltani[Behzad Soltani]
2013-11Temperature-dependent Photoluminescence of Boron-doped ZnO Nanorods김종수; S. Kim[S. Kim]; H. Park[H. Park]; G. Nam[G. Nam]; H. Yoon[H. Yoon]; Jin Soo Kim[Jin Soo Kim]; J.-S. Son[J.-S. Son]; 이상헌; J.-Y. Leem[J.-Y. Leem]
2012-10Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of ZnO thin films deposited by using the sol-gel dip-coating method정재학; 이상헌; 소원섭; 남기웅[남기웅]; 윤현식[윤현식]; 박형길[박형길]; 김경민[김경민]; 김소아람[김소아람]; 김민수[김민수]; 이재원[이재원]
2010-03The effect of nano-scale Zn-doped TiO2 and pure TiO2 particles on Hydra magnipapillata강미숙; 여민경[여민경]
2014-01Ultrasmooth, High Electron Mobility Amorphous In-Zn-O Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition김수현; 이도중[이도중]; 권장연[권장연]; 김지연[김지연]; 김기주[김기주]; 조영호[조영호]; 조성용[조성용]; Jummy Xu[Jummy Xu]; 김기범[김기범]
2014-05ZnO nanoparticles dispersed poly(aniline-co-o-anthranilic acid) composites: Photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) and Ni(II)심재진; 할도리유바라즈; Sivakumar K.[Sivakumar K.]