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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-05Arrays of Sealed Silicon Nanotubes As Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries송태섭; Jianliang Xia[Jianliang Xia]; 이진헌[이진헌]; 이동현[이동현]; 권문석[권문석]; 최재만[최재만]; Jian Wu[Jian Wu]; 두석광[두석광]; 장혁[장혁]; 박원일[박원일]; 장동식[장동식]; 김한수[김한수]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; Keh-Chih Hwang[Keh-Chih Hwang]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]; 백운규[백운규]
2014-03Electrochemical Properties of Si- Ge Heterostructures as an Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries송태섭; Huanyu Cheng[Huanyu Cheng]; Kaitlin Town[Kaitlin Town]; Hyunjung Park[Hyunjung Park]; Robert W. Black[Robert W. Black]; Sangkyu Lee[Sangkyu Lee]; Won Il Park[Won Il Park]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]; Linda F. Nazar[Linda F. Nazar]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2013-07Facile Synthesis of Free-Standing Silicon Membranes with Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitecture for Anodes of Lithium Ion Batteries송태섭; Fan Xia[Fan Xia]; Seong Been Kim[Seong Been Kim]; Huanyu Cheng[Huanyu Cheng]; Jung Min Lee[Jung Min Lee]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]; Won Il Park[Won Il Park]
2012-01Si/Ge Double-Layered Nanotube Array as a Lithium Ion Battery Anode송태섭; Huanyu Cheng[Huanyu Cheng]; Heechae Choi[Heechae Choi]; Jin-Hyon Lee[Jin-Hyon Lee]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Dong Hyun Lee[Dong Hyun Lee]; Dong Su Yoo[Dong Su Yoo]; Moon-Seok Kwon[Moon-Seok Kwon]; Jae-Man Choi[Jae-Man Choi]; Seok Gwang Doo[Seok Gwang Doo]; Hyuk Chang[Hyuk Chang]; Jianliang Xiao[Jianliang Xiao]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; Won Il Park[Won Il Park]; Yong-Chae Chung[Yong-Chae Chung]; Hansu Kim[Hansu Kim]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2013-02Stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems송태섭; Sheng Xu[Sheng Xu]; Yihui Zhang[Yihui Zhang]; Jiung Cho[Jiung Cho]; Juhwan Lee[Juhwan Lee]; Xian Huang[Xian Huang]; Lin Jia[Lin Jia]; Jonathan A. Fan[Jonathan A. Fan]; Yewang Su[Yewang Su]; Jessica Su[Jessica Su]; Huigang Zhang[Huigang Zhang]; Huanyu Cheng[Huanyu Cheng]; Bingwei Lu[Bingwei Lu]; Cunjiang Yu[Cunjiang Yu]; Chi Chuang[Chi Chuang]; Tae-il Kim[Tae-il Kim]; Kazuyo Shigeta[Kazuyo Shigeta]; Sen Kang[Sen Kang]; Canan Dagdeviren[Canan Dagdeviren]; Ivan Petrov[Ivan Petrov]; Paul V. Braun[Paul V. Braun]; Yonggang Huang[Yonggang Huang]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]; John A. Rogers[John A. Rogers]