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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09Dewetting kinetics of thin polymer bilayers: Role of under layer아슈샬마; 린수; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]; Tongfei Shi[Tongfei Shi]; Lijia An[Lijia An]; 주상우
2010-05Electric field induced microstructures in thin films on physicochemically heterogeneous and patterned substrates아슈샬마; Samanvaya Srivastava[Samanvaya Srivastava]; P. Dinesh Sankar Red[P. Dinesh Sankar Red]; Cindy Wang[Cindy Wang]; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]
2012-01Electro-magnetic-field-induced flow and interfacial instabilities in confined stratified liquid layers아슈샬마; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]; P.DineshSankarReddy[P.DineshSankarReddy]; 스즈첸; 주상우
2010-05Embedded Microstructures by Electric-Field-Induced Pattern Formation in Interacting Thin Layers아슈샬마; Samanvaya Srivastava[Samanvaya Srivastava]; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]
2012-01Instabilities in free-surface electroosmotic flows아슈샬마; Bahni Ray[Bahni Ray]; P. DineshSankarReddy[P. DineshSankarReddy]; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]; 스즈첸; Gautam Biswas[Gautam Biswas]; 주상우
2011-01Multiscale Pattern Generation in Viscoelastic Polymer Films by Spatiotemporal Modulation of Electric Field and Control of Rheology아슈샬마; Partho S. G. Pattade[Partho S. G. Pattade]; Indrani Banerjee[Indrani Banerjee]; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]
2010-02Self-Organized Microstructures in Thin Bilayers on Chemically Patterned Substrates아슈샬마; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]
2011-11Surface instability of a thin electrolyte film undergoing coupled electroosmotic and electrophoretic flows in a microfluidic channelBahni Ray[Bahni Ray]; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]; P.DineshSankarReddy[P.DineshSankarReddy]; 스즈첸; Gautam Biswas[Gautam Biswas]; 주상우; 아슈샬마
2011-09Switching of interfacial instabilities from the liquid/air interface to the liquid/liquid interface in a polymer bilayer아슈샬마; 린수; Dipankar Bandyopadhy[Dipankar Bandyopadhy]; 주상우