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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09Dominant Factors Governing the Rate Capability of a TiO2 Nanotube Anode for High Power Lithium Ion Batteries송태섭; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Eung-Kwan Lee[Eung-Kwan Lee]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Yeryung Jeon[Yeryung Jeon]; Jaehwan Ha[Jaehwan Ha]; Yong-Chae Chung[Yong-Chae Chung]; Young-Min Choi[Young-Min Choi]; Yeon-Gil Jung[Yeon-Gil Jung]; Ungyu PaiK[Ungyu PaiK]
2014-09Enhanced photocatalytic performance at a Au/N-TiO2 hollow nanowire array by a combination of light scattering and reduced recombination송태섭; P. Sudhagar[P. Sudhagar]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; P. Lakshmipathiraj[P. Lakshmipathiraj]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Volodymyr V. Lysak[Volodymyr V. Lysak]; C. Terashima[C. Terashima]; Kazuya Nakata[Kazuya Nakata]; A. Fujishima[A. Fujishima]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]; Yong Soo Kang[Yong Soo Kang]
2013-09Gold nanoparticle-composite nanofibers for enzymatic electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide송태섭; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Young-Pil Kim[Young-Pil Kim]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2015-08Modulating the interaction between gold and TiO2 nanowires for enhanced solar driven photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen generation송태섭; P. Sudhagar[P. Sudhagar]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Jung Woo Lee[Jung Woo Lee]; Marta Haro[Marta Haro]; Chiaki Terashima[Chiaki Terashima]; Volodymyr V. Lysak[Volodymyr V. Lysak]; Juan Bisquert[Juan Bisquert]; Akira Fujishima[Akira Fujishima]; Sixto Gimenez[Sixto Gimenez]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2013-08Polyaniline/Polyoxometalate Hybrid Nanofibers as Cathode for Lithium Ion Batteries with Improved Lithium Storage Capacity송태섭; Hongxun Yang[Hongxun Yang]; Li Liu[Li Liu]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Fan Xia[Fan Xia]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Hyunjung Park[Hyunjung Park]; Wolfgang Sigmund[Wolfgang Sigmund]; Kyungjung Kwon[Kyungjung Kwon]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2012-08SnO2 encapsulated TiO2 hollow nanofibers as anode material for lithium ion batteries송태섭; Hyunjung Park[Hyunjung Park]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Junhan Y[Junhan Y]; Changhwan Choi[Changhwan Choi]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2014-01Three-dimensional Gd-doped TiO2 fibrous photoelectrodes for efficient visible light-driven photocatalytic performance송태섭; Junghyun Choi[Junghyun Choi]; P. Sudhagar[P. Sudhagar]; P. Lakshmipathiraj[P. Lakshmipathiraj]; Jung Woo Lee[Jung Woo Lee]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Sangkyu Lee[Sangkyu Lee]; Seungki Hong[Seungki Hong]; S. Eito[S. Eito]; C. Terashima[C. Terashima]; Tae Hee Han[Tae Hee Han]; Jeung Ku Kang[Jeung Ku Kang]; A. Fujishima[A. Fujishima]; Yong Soo Kang[Yong Soo Kang]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]
2013-02Tin indium oxide/graphene nanosheet nanocomposite as an anode material for lithium ion batteries with enhanced lithium storage capacity and rate capability송태섭; Hongxun Yang[Hongxun Yang]; Sangkyu Lee[Sangkyu Lee]; Hyungkyu Han[Hyungkyu Han]; Fan Xia[Fan Xia]; Anitha Devadoss[Anitha Devadoss]; Wolfgang Sigmund[Wolfgang Sigmund]; Ungyu Paik[Ungyu Paik]