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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09AMP-activated protein kinase negatively regulates Fc epsilon RI-mediated mast cell signaling and anaphylaxis in mice장현욱; 황승락; 이선; 유예; 김엽; 정용태; 김용득; 이인규[이인규]; Y. Taketomi[Y. Taketomi]; H.Sato[H.Sato]; 조유숙[조유숙]; M. Murakami[M. Murakami]
2010-06Ascofuranone prevents ER stress-induced insulin resistance via activation of AMP-activated protein kinase in L6 myotube cells장현욱; 황승락; 이인규[이인규]; 양병근[양병근]; Junji Magae[Junji Magae]; Young-Chae Chang[Young-Chae Chang]
2015-05B-cell translocation gene 2 promotes hepatic hepcidin production via induction of Yin Yang 1장현욱; 이성은[이성은]; 황승락; 장원구[장원구]; 김용득[김용득]
2012-03Citreorosein, a naturally occurring anthraquinone derivative isolated from Polygoni cuspidati radix, attenuates cyclooxygenase-2-dependent prostaglandin D-2 generation by blocking Akt and JNK pathways in mouse bone marrow-derived mast cells장현욱; 유예[유예]; 서석종; 이선[이선]; 황승락; 이응[이응]; 황보경[황보경]; 박순진[박순진]; Makoto Murakami[Makoto Murakami]; 이승호; 장영동; 손종근; 김철호[김철호]
2013-11Emodin Isolated from Polygoni cuspidati Radix Inhibits TNF-alpha and IL-6 Release by Blockading NF-kappa B and MAP Kinase Pathways in Mast Cells Stimulated with PMA Plus A23187장현욱; 유예; 정용태; 이선; 김미진; 박필훈; 황승락; 손종근
2011-12Emodin, a naturally occurring anthraquinone derivative, suppresses IgE-mediated anaphylactic reaction and mast cell activation장현욱; 유예[유예]; 양주혜[양주혜]; 이선[이선]; 황보경[황보경]; 황승락; Yoshitaka Taketomi[Yoshitaka Taketomi]; Makoto Murakami[Makoto Murakami]; 장영채[장영채]; 김철호[김철호]; 손종근
2014-09ERK1/2 antagonize AMPK-dependent regulation of Fc epsilon RI-mediated mast cell activation and anaphylaxis장현욱; 황승락; 유예; 이선; 김용득; 조유숙[조유숙]; 이윤주[이윤주]; 강원구[강원구]; Yoshitaka Taketomi[Yoshitaka Taketomi]; 문태철[문태철]; 손종근; 장영동
2012-02Improved insulin sensitivity by rapamycin is associated with reduction of mTOR and S6K1 activities in L6 myotubes장현욱; 황승락; 이선[이선]; 이재열[이재열]
2013-05Inhibitory cross-talk between the AMPK and ERK pathways mediates endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle장현욱; 황승락; 정용태; 이선; 김용득[김용득]; 유예; 장영채[장영채]; 이인규[이인규]
2013-07Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan Improves Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Reduced Insulin Sensitivity through AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Activation in L6 Myotubes and Restores Lipid Homeostasis in a Mouse Model of Type 2 Diabetes장현욱; 정용태; 김용득; 정영미[정영미]; 이동섭[이동섭]; 구세광[구세광]; 이선; 유예; 조광선; 김극준[김극준]; 이재열[이재열]; 백문창[백문창]; 강원구; 황승락
2013-08Manassantin B Isolated from Saururus chinensis Inhibits Cyclooxygenase-2-Dependent Prostaglandin D-2 Generation by Blocking Fyn-Mediated Nuclear Factor-kappaB and Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase Pathways in Bone Marrow Derived-Mast Cells장현욱; 유예; 황승락; 손종근
2012-01Natural vanadium-containing Jeju ground water stimulates glucose uptake through the activation of AMP-activated protein kinase in L6 myotubes장현욱; 황승락
2012-02Natural Vanadium-Containing Jeju Groundwater Inhibits Immunoglobulin E-Mediated Anaphylactic Reaction and Suppresses Eicosanoid Generation and Degranulation in Bone Marrow Derived-Mast Cells장현욱; 이선[이선]; 유예[유예]; 양주혜[양주혜]; 김엽[김엽]; 황승락
2013-08Pinusolide improves high glucose-induced insulin resistance via activation of AMP-activated protein kinase장현욱; 황승락; 정용태; 양주혜; 이선; 유예; 손종근
2015-06Protective effect of butanol extracts of skin of Anguilla japonica against endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced insulin resistance via the AMPK pathway in L6 myotubes장현욱; 나민균[나민균]; 정용태; 이선; 김범사; 황승락; 김금진; 양주혜[양주혜]; 장영채[장영채]; 김동수[김동수]; 김철호[김철호]
2012-01Saucerneol F, a new lignan, inhibits iNOS expression via MAPKs, NF-kappa B and AP-1 inactivation in LPS-induced RAW264.7 cells장현욱; 유예[유예]; 서석종; 곽충환[곽충환]; 서창섭[서창섭]; 이응[이응]; 김엽[김엽]; 이선[이선]; 황승락; 권오균[권오균]; 장영채[장영채]; 박영국[박영국]; 박성수[박성수]; 손종근; 김철호[김철호]
2013-01Tanshinone IIA improves endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced insulin resistance through AMP-activated protein kinase장현욱; 황승락; 양주혜; 정용태; 김용덕[김용덕]; 이선; 유예; 장영채[장영채]; 손건호[손건호]
2013-12-30시트레오로세인을 함유하는 대사성질환 예방 및 치료용 조성물영남대학교 산학협력단; 손종근; 정용태; 황승락; 장현욱
2014-05-13아스테루빈의 신규 용도영남대학교 산학협력단; 김철호; 나민균; 정용태; 장현욱; 황승락
2013-08-08장어 추출물을 유효성분으로 함유하는 대사증후군 예방 또는 치료용 조성물영남대학교 산학협력단; 김동수; 김철호; 장현욱; 황승락; 나민균
2013-10-01장어 추출물을 유효성분으로 함유하는 염증성 질환 예방 또는 치료용 조성물영남대학교 산학협력단; 김동수; 김철호; 오준기; 황승락; 장현욱; 나민균
2014-03-12제주워터를 유효성분으로 함유하는 대사증후군 예방 또는 치료용 조성물제주특별자치도개발공사,영남대학교 산학협력단; 장현욱; 황승락