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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11Characteristics of nano-sized perovskite structured LaSrMn derived from hydrothermally synthesized amorphous LaSrMn oxide powder강미숙; 강소라; 곽병섭; 최병현[최병현]; 박선민[박선민]; 지미정[지미정]
2011-09Characteristics of Ni/3d Series Transition Metal/gamma-Al2O3 Catalysts and their Hydrogen Production Abilities from Butane Steam Reforming강미숙; 이준수[이준수]; 최병현[최병현]; 지미정[지미정]
2013-11Direct synthesis of nano/micro co-porous Ni/NiO composite powders using EDA and mild heat treatment강미숙; 김지은; 최병현[최병현]
2011-12Hydrogen-rich gas production from ethanol steam reforming over Ni/Ga/Mg/Zeolite Y catalysts at mild temperature강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 이준수[이준수]; 이준성[이준성]; 최병현[최병현]; 지미정[지미정]
2013-11Hydrogen-rich gas production from ethanol steam-reforming reaction using NiZr-loaded MCM-48 catalysts at mild temperature강미숙; 이준수; 김동진; 최병현[최병현]
2014-03Physicochemical properties of cubic Ni complex powders synthesized using urotropine chelating ligand for solid oxide fuel cells강미숙; 김지은; 최병현[최병현]
2014-03Physicochemical properties of Ni-loaded yttrium stabilized zirconia nanotubes for solid oxide fuel cells강미숙; 김동진; 김현수; 박선민[박선민]; 지미정[지미정]; 최병현[최병현]
2013-07Preparation of 27Ni(6)Zr(4)O(14)3M(M=Mg, Ca, Sr, or Ba)O/70 Zeolite Y Catalysts and Hydrogen-rich Gas Production by Ethanol Steam Reforming강미숙; 김동진; 이준수; 이가영; 박선민[박선민]; 지미정[지미정]; 최병현[최병현]
2013-04Synthesis of Octahedral-Shaped NiO and Approaches to an Anode Material of Manufactured Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using the Decalcomania Method강미숙; 이후률; 조해란[조해란]; 박선민[박선민]; 최병현[최병현]
2012-01Synthesis of spherical NiO nanoparticles using a solvothermal treatment with acetone solvent강미숙; 곽병섭[곽병섭]; 최병현[최병현]; 지미정[지미정]; 박선민[박선민]