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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-08A Concise, metathesis based approach to construction of the lepadiformine/cylindricine tricyclic framework조대원; Jiwen Zou[Jiwen Zou]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2012-03A strategy for the preparation of cyclic polyarenes based on single electron transfer-promoted photocyclization reactions조대원; 최정희[최정희]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 박별나[박별나]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2014-11Adsorption/photocatalytic performances of hierarchical flowerlike BiOBrxCl1-x nanostructures for methyl orange, Rhodamine B and methylene blue손영구; 나율이; 김영일; 조대원; 프라드한[프라드한]
2013-04Comparison of Photocyclization Reactions of Fluoro- vs Nonfluoro-Substituted Polymethyleneoxy Donor Linked Phthalimides조대원; 박혜정[박혜정]; 류영주[류영주]; 김경목[김경목]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 김은애[김은애]; 손영구; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2014-02Direct and indirect single electron transfer (SET)-photochemical approaches for the preparation of novel phthalimide and naphthalimide-based lariat-type crown ethers조대원; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2013-09Effects of Alkoxy Groups on Arene Rings of Lignin beta-O-4 Model Compounds on the Efficiencies of Single Electron Transfer-Promoted Photochemical and Enzymatic C-C Bond Cleavage Reactions조대원; 임숙현; 남기평; 나춘섭; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; John A. Latham[John A. Latham]; Debra-Dunaway Mariano[Debra-Dunaway Mariano]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2013-08Efficient Ring Opening Reaction of Epoxides with Oxygen Nucleophiles Catalyzed by Quaternary Onium Salt나춘섭; 김진원; 조대원; 박규순[박규순]; 김성홍[김성홍]
2014-06Excimer and exciplex emissions of 1,8-naphthalimides caused by aggregation in extremely polar or nonpolar solvents조대원; 조대원[조대원]
2011-07Exploration of photochemical reactions of N-trimethylsilylmethyl-substituted uracil, pyridone, and pyrrolidone derivatives조대원; 이찬우[이찬우]; 박종구[박종구]; 오선화[오선화]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 성남경[성남경]; 김경목[김경목]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]
2011-10Exploring new strategies for cellulosic biofuels production조대원; Paul Langan[Paul Langan]; S. Gnanakaran[S. Gnanakaran]; Kirk D. Rector[Kirk D. Rector]; Norma Pawley[Norma Pawley]; David T. Fox[David T. Fox]; Kenneth E. Hammel[Kenneth E. Hammel]
2013-06Inkjet-Compatible Single-Component Polydiacetylene Precursors for Thermochromic Paper Sensors조대원; 윤보라[윤보라]; 신효라[신효라]; 강은미[강은미]; 신가영[신가영]; 정회일[정회일]; 이찬우[이찬우]; 김종만[김종만]
2014-08Method for the Synthesis of Amine-Functionalized Fullerenes Involving SET-Promoted Photoaddition Reactions of alpha-Silylamines조대원; 임숙현; 이진주; 문경민; 나춘섭; 남기평; 김경목[김경목]; 형태경[형태경]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 이가예[이가예]; 김수진[김수진]; 김진흥[김진흥]; Patrick Mariano[Patrick Mariano]
2010-10Nature and Kinetic Analysis of Carbon-Carbon Bond Fragmentation Reactions of Cation Radicals Derived from SET-Oxidation of Lignin Model Compounds조대원; Ramakrishnan Parthasarathi[Ramakrishnan Parthasarathi]; Adam S. Pimentel[Adam S. Pimentel]; Gabriel D. Maestas[Gabriel D. Maestas]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Debra Dunaway-Mariano[Debra Dunaway-Mariano]; S. Gnanakaran[S. Gnanakaran]; Paul Langan[Paul Langan]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2013-12Novel Naphthalene Based Lariat-Type Crown Ethers Using Direct Single Electron Transfer Photochemical Strategy조대원; 박혜정[박혜정]; 성남경[성남경]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 김수란[김수란]; 안소현[안소현]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2012-11Photoaddition Reactions of Acetylpyridines with Silyl Ketene Acetals: SET vs [2+2]-Cycloaddition Pathways조대원; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 이향렬[이향렬]; 조대원; Patrick Mariano[Patrick Mariano]
2015-06Photochemical and enzymatic SET promoted C-C bond cleavage reactions of lignin beta-1 model compounds containing varying number of methoxy substituents on their arene rings조대원; 임숙현; 이우솔; 김영일; 손영구; 김철희[김철희]; 김은애[김은애]; John A Latham[John A Latham]; Debra Dunaway-Mariano[Debra Dunaway-Mariano]; Patrick S Mariano[Patrick S Mariano]
2011-02Photochemical Approach to the Preparation of Lariat Crown Ethers Containing Peptide Sidearms조대원; Chunsheng Quan[Chunsheng Quan]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2015-01Photochemical reactions of 1,2-diketones with silyl enol ethers조대원; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 김성홍[김성홍]; 손영구; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2015-06Preparation of 7-Methoxy Tacrine Dimer Analogs and Their In vitro/In silico Evaluation as Potential Cholinesterase Inhibitors나춘섭; 이상광; 박민균; 장호은; 이진주; 남기평; 조대원; K. Musilek[K. Musilek]; A. Horova[A. Horova]; J. Korabecny[J. Korabecny]; R. Dolezal[R. Dolezal]; D. Jun[D. Jun]; K. Kuca[K. Kuca]
2011-10Quasi-Solid State Electrolytes Based on Nonionic Surfactant-PEGDME Composites for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells조대원; 안효성[안효성]; 박효영[박효영]; 강은미[강은미]; 이찬우[이찬우]; 김종만[김종만]
2011-04Rational design, synthesis and evaluation of first generation inhibitors of the Giardia lamblia fructose-1,6-biphosphate aldolase조대원; Zhimin Li[Zhimin Li]; Zhengang Liu[Zhengang Liu]; Jiwen Zou[Jiwen Zou]; Maozhen Gong[Maozhen Gong]; Robert M. Breece[Robert M. Breece]; Andrey Galkin[Andrey Galkin]; Ling Li[Ling Li]; Hong Zhao[Hong Zhao]; Gabriel D. Maestas[Gabriel D. Maestas]; David L. Tierney[David L. Tierney]; Osnat Herzberg[Osnat Herzberg]; Debra Dunaway-Mariano[Debra Dunaway-Mariano]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2015-09Recyclable magnetic CoFe2O4/BiOX (X = Cl, Br and I) microflowers for photocatalytic treatment of water contaminated with methyl orange, rhodamine B, methylene blue, and a mixed dye손영구; 최영인; 김영일; 조대원; 강정수[강정수]; 캄통리융[캄통리융]
2011-04Regioselectivity of Enzymatic and Photochemical Single Electron Transfer Promoted Carbon-Carbon Bond Fragmentation Reactions of Tetrameric Lignin Model Compounds조대원; John A. Latham[John A. Latham]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Paul Langan[Paul Langan]; Debra Dunaway-Mariano[Debra Dunaway-Mariano]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2014-03Regulation of photodynamic interactions in 1,8-naphthalimide-linker-phenothiazine dyads by cyclodextrins조대원; 조대원[조대원]; Mamoru Fujitsuka[Mamoru Fujitsuka]; Akira Sugimoto[Akira Sugimoto]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Tetsuro Majima[Tetsuro Majima]
2015-06SET-promoted photoaddition reactions of N-alpha-trimethylsilylmethyl-N, N-dibenzylamines with fullerene C-60. Electronic factors that govern photoaddition efficiencies조대원; 임숙현; 이진주; 나춘섭; 남기평; 이가예[이가예]; 김진흥[김진흥]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S Mariano[Patrick S Mariano]
2010-04Studies aimed at elucidating factors involved in the control of chemoselectivity in single electron transfer promoted photoreactions of branched-polydonor substituted phthalimides조대원; Chunsheng Quan[Chunsheng Quan]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 최정희[최정희]; 김수란[김수란]; 형태경[형태경]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 김성홍[김성홍]; Ying Xue Jin[Ying Xue Jin]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2011-03Studies Leading to the Development of a Single-Electron Transfer (SET) Photochemical Strategy for Syntheses of Macrocyclic Polyethers, Polythioethers, and Polyamides조대원; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2010-09Studies of Silyl-Transfer Photochemical Reactions of N-[(Trimethylsilyl)alkyl]saccharins조대원; 오선화[오선화]; 김동욱[김동욱]; 박혜정[박혜정]; Jin Ying Xue[Jin Ying Xue]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]
2012-10Synergistic effect of trimethylsilane for photoinduced electron transfer on 1,8-naphthalimides in polar solvent조대원; 조대원[조대원]; 박혜정[박혜정]; 윤웅찬[윤웅찬]; 이명희[이명희]; 임찬[임찬]
2010-06루테늄 카벤 촉매 복분해 상호교환 반응과 피리듐 염 광화학반응을 이용한 유기 합성조대원; Patrick S. Mariano[Patrick S. Mariano]