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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-113-(3-Butylamino-2-hydroxy-propoxy)-1-hydroxy-xanthen-9-one acts as a topoisomerase II alpha catalytic inhibitor with low DNA damage이응석; 박소은[박소은]; 장인혜[장인혜]; 전규연[전규연]; 이은영[이은영]; 나영화[나영화]; 권영주[권영주]
2015-02A Series of Novel Terpyridine-Skeleton Molecule Derivants Inhibit Tumor Growth and Metastasis by Targeting Topoisomerases이응석; 권한별[권한별]; 박찬미[박찬미]; 전경화[전경화]; 이은영[이은영]; 박소은[박소은]; 전규연[전규연]; 타라만카다얏; 프리텀다빠; 라다깔끼; 나영화[나영화]; 박미선[박미선]; 노승배[노승배]; 권영주[권영주]
2015-05Benzo[b]Tryptanthrin Inhibits MDR1, Topoisomerase Activity, and Reverses Adriamycin Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells장영동; 권영주[권영주]; 전규연[전규연]; 박소은[박소은]; 량경록
2015-01Design and synthesis of novel 2,4-diaryl-5H-indeno[1,2-b]pyridine derivatives, and their evaluation of topoisomerase inhibitory activity and cytotoxicity이응석; 타라만카다얏; 박찬미[박찬미]; 전규연[전규연]; 틸바하두르다빠마가르; 비스트가네쉬; 유한영; 권영주[권영주]
2015-01Hydroxylated 2,4-diphenyl indenopyridine derivatives as a selective non-intercalative topoisomerase II alpha catalytic inhibitor이응석; 타라만카다얏; 박찬미[박찬미]; 전규연[전규연]; 틸바하두르다빠마가르; 유한영; 권영주[권영주]; 비스트가네쉬
2015-01Synthesis and biological activity of 2,4-di-p-phenolyl-6-2-furanyl-pyridine as a potent topoisomerase II poison이응석; 라다깔끼; 박찬미[박찬미]; 전규연[전규연]; 타라만카다얏; 권영주[권영주]
2014-09Synthesis, antitumor,activity, and structure-activity relationship study of trihydroxylated 2,4,6-triphenyl pyridines as potent and selective topoisomerase II inhibitors이응석; 라다깔끼; 박찬미[박찬미]; 전규연[전규연]; 지준구[지준구]; 이준호[이준호]; 프리텀다빠; 권영주[권영주]; 타라만카다얏
2011-06Synthesis, biological evaluation, and molecular docking study of 3-(3 '-heteroatom substituted-2 '-hydroxy-1 '-propyloxy) xanthone analogues as novel topoisomerase II alpha catalytic inhibitor전규연[전규연]; 이은영[이은영]; 정미자[정미자]; 이옥희[이옥희]; 이응석; 박혜영[박혜영]; 나영화[나영화]; 권영주[권영주]