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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-08Facile method for the environmentally friendly fabrication of reduced graphene oxide films assisted by a metal substrate and saline solution김세현; 박선욱[박선욱]; 남수지[남수지]; 황지헌[황지헌]; 장재영[장재영]; 안태규[안태규]; 김지예[김지예]; 김예별[김예별]; 정대성[정대성]; 박찬언[박찬언]
2014-11Grafting Fluorinated Polymer Nano layer for Advancing the Electrical Stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistors김경훈[김경훈]; 안태규[안태규]; 김지예[김지예]; 정용진[정용진]; 장재영[장재영]; 김혜경; 백장열[백장열]; 김윤희[김윤희]; 김세현; 박찬언[박찬언]
2010-02Lamivudine Maintenance Beyond One Year After HBeAg Seroconversion Is a Major Factor for Sustained Virologic Response in HBeAg-Positive Chronic Hepatitis B이헌주; 이현웅[이현웅]; 황재석[황재석]; 손주현[손주현]; 장재영[장재영]; 한기준[한기준]; 박준영[박준영]; 김도영[김도영]; 안상훈[안상훈]; 백영한[백영한]
2014-08Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Low Turn-On Voltages and Improved Stability Featuring a PTCDI-C13:CuPc Mixed Hole Injection Layer윤원민[윤원민]; 장재영[장재영]; 남수지[남수지]; 박찬언[박찬언]; 김세현; 정대성[정대성]
2014-10Pentoxifylline vs. corticosteroid to treat severe alcoholic hepatitis: A randomised, non-inferiority, open trial이헌주; 박성하[박성하]; 원영택[원영택]; 김영석[김영석]; 박수영[박수영]; 김형수[김형수]; 김동준[김동준]; 서상준[서상준]; 장재영[장재영]; 백순구[백순구]
2015-03Solution-processed n-type fullerene field-effect transistors prepared using CVD-grown graphene electrodes: improving performance with thermal annealing김세현; 정용진[정용진]; 윤동진[윤동진]; 장재영[장재영]; 박선욱[박선욱]; 안태규[안태규]; 김래호[김래호]; 박찬언[박찬언]
2014-11Stricture occurring after endoscopic submucosal dissection for esophageal and gastric tumors장병익; 김광하[김광하]; 지삼룡[지삼룡]; 장재영[장재영]; 신성관[신성관]; 최기돈[최기돈]; 이준행[이준행]; 김상균[김상균]; 성재규[성재규]; 전성우[전성우]
2014-11The Origin of Excellent Gate-Bias Stress Stability in Organic Field-Effect Transistors Employing Fluorinated-Polymer Gate Dielectrics김세현; 김지예[김지예]; 장재영[장재영]; 김경훈[김경훈]; 김혜경; 박찬언[박찬언]