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2014-04A case of plummer-vinson syndrome associated with Crohn's disease장병익; 박준모[박준모]; 김경옥; 박찬서[박찬서]
2014-07A Double-Blind, Randomized, Active Drug Comparative, Parallel-Group, Multi-Center Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Probiotics (Bacillus licheniformis, Zhengchangsheng® capsule) in Patients with Diarrhea장병익; 허준[허준]; 김성국[김성국]; 박경식[박경식]; 정혜경[정혜경]; 권중구[권중구]
2010-03A Matched Case-Control Study of a Novel Acid-Pump Antagonist and Proton-Pump Inhibitor for the Treatment of latrogenic Ulcers Caused by Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection장병익; 김용길[김용길]; 김태년
2010-12A Matched Case-Control Study Using the Propensity Score on Differences in the Characteristics of Colorectal Polyps between Younger and Older Koreans: Proximal Shift in the Distribution of Colorectal Polyps among Older Koreans장병익; 김태년; 김용길[김용길]; 김동희[김동희]; 문희정; 오희주[오희주]; 이혜미[이혜미]
2011-09A Multicenter, Randomized, Comparative Study to Determine the Appropriate Dose of Lansoprazole for Use in the Diagnostic Test for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease이시형; 장병익; 전성우[전성우]; 권중구[권중구]; 김은영[김은영]; 조광범[조광범]; 박창근[박창근]; 양창헌[양창헌]
2014-11A randomised clinical trial of 10-day concomitant therapy and standard triple therapy for Helicobacter pylori eradication이시형; 허준[허준]; 전성우[전성우]; 정진태[정진태]; 권중구[권중구]; 김은영[김은영]; 이동욱[이동욱]; 서향은[서향은]; 하창윤[하창윤]; 장병익
2015-01Alterations of Colonic Contractility in an Interleukin-10 Knockout Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease장병익; 박경식[박경식]; 송인환; 박재형[박재형]; 권종구[권종구]; 김선주[김선주]; 송대규[송대규]; 김은수[김은수]; 조광범[조광범]; 김태완[김태완]
2011-05Association between acid suppressive therapy and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients with ascites이헌주; 김경옥; 이시형; 은종렬; 장병익; 김태년; 최은정[최은정]
2012-06Benign Colonic 18F-FDG Uptake on Whole-Body FDG-PET Scan장병익
2010-06Capsule endoscopy in small bowel tumors: A multicenter Korean study장병익; 청대영[청대영]; 이인석[이인석]; 장동경[장동경]; 김진오[김진오]; 천재희[천재희]; 김용식[김용식]; 박철희[박철희]; 이광재[이광재]; 심기남[심기남]; 류지곤[류지곤]; 도재혁[도재혁]; 문정섭[문정섭]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 김경조[김경조]; 임연정[임연정]; 최명규[최명규]; 천훈재[천훈재]
2011-08Certolizumab Pegol은 중등도 이상 크론병 환자의 장기간 관해 유지 치료에 효과적인가?장병익
2011-06Clinical Characteristics of Microscopic Colitis in Korea: Prospective Multicenter Study by KASID장병익; 박영숙[박영숙]; 백대현[백대현]; 김원호[김원호]; 김주성[김주성]; 양석균[양석균]; 정성애[정성애]; 최창환[최창환]; 한동수[한동수]; 김영호[김영호]; 정용우[정용우]; 김상우[김상우]; 김유선[김유선]
2010-04Clinical outcomes for perforations during endoscopic submucosal dissection in patients with gastric lesions장병익; 전성우[전성우]; 정민규[정민규]; 김성국[김성국]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 박창근[박창근]; 권중구[권중구]; 정진태[정진태]; 김은영[김은영]; 김태년; 양창헌[양창헌]
2015-03Clinical Outcomes of the Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection of Early Gastric Cancer Are Comparable between Absolute and New Expanded Criteria이시형; 신근영[신근영]; 전성우[전성우]; 조광범[조광범]; 김경옥; 장병익; 박경식[박경식]; 김은수[김은수]; 정은진[정은진]; 박창근[박창근]
2014-07Clinicopathologic Significance of Sox2, CD44 and CD44v6 Expression in Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma구미진; 장병익
2015-02Current advances related to Clostridium difficile infection장병익; 김영길[김영길]
2015-05Cytokine Expression of Microscopic Colitis Including Interleukin-17장병익; Young Sook Park[Young Sook Park]; Eunkyoung Park[Eunkyoung Park]; Dae Rim Park[Dae Rim Park]; Dong Soo Han[Dong Soo Han]; Won Ho Kim[Won Ho Kim]; Sung Ae Jung[Sung Ae Jung]; Young Ho Kim[Young Ho Kim]; 조윤주[조윤주]; 이기호[이기호]
2012-06Cytomegalovirus Infection in Patients with New Onset Ulcerative Colitis: A Prospective Study장병익; 김유선[김유선]; 김영호[김영호]; 김주성[김주성]; 천재희[천재희]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 정성애[정성애]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 최창환[최창환]; 한동수[한동수]; 양석균[양석균]; 김원호[김원호]
2011-02Development, Validation, and Responsiveness of a Novel Disease Activity Index for Intestinal Behcet's Disease장병익; 천재희[천재희]; 한동수[한동수]; 박정엽[박정엽]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 정성애[정성애]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 김유선[김유선]; 김주성[김주성]; 남청모[남청모]; 김연남[김연남]; 양석균[양석균]; 김원호[김원호]
2011-08Diagnostic utility of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody (ASCA) and Interferon-gamma assay in the differential diagnosis of Crohn's disease and intestinal tuberculosis장병익; 김유선[김유선]; 김영호[김영호]; 김원호[김원호]; 김주성[김주성]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 양석균[양석균]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 정성애[정성애]; 진윤태[진윤태]; 최창환[최창환]; 한동수[한동수]
2014-10Does Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Increase in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease?김경옥; 장병익; 이시형
2011-09Down-regulation of survivin suppresses uro-plasminogen activator through transcription factor JunB이경희; 최은영[최은영]; 고성애[고성애]; 김민경; 김경옥; 이시형; 장병익; 김상운; 송선교; 최준혁; 김재룡; 김세원
2013-08Efficacy of Infliximab in Intestinal Behcet's Disease: A Korean Multicenter Retrospective Study장병익; 이진하[이진하]; 천재희[천재희]; 전성우[전성우]; 여병덕[여병덕]; 양숙경[양숙경]; 김영호[김영호]; 이강문[이강문]; 임종필[임종필]; 김주성[김주성]; 김경옥
2010-09Efficacy of Rifaximin Compared with Ciprofloxacin for the Treatment of Acute Infectious Diarrhea: A Randomized Controlled Multicenter Study장병익; 홍경섭[홍경섭]; 김유선[김유선]; 한동수[한동수]; 최창환[최창환]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 이강문[이강문]; 이수택[이수택]; 김현수[김현수]; 김주성[김주성]
2013-12Efficacy, safety, and predictors of response to infliximab therapy for ulcerative colitis: A Korean multicenter retrospective study장병익; 진윤태[진윤태]; 이강문[이강문]; 조주연[조주연]; 이창균[이창균]; 박동일[박동일]; 김지원[김지원]; 구자설[구자설]; 임종필[임종필]; 박수정[박수정]
2014-03Endoscopic Experience Improves Interobserver Agreement in the Grading of Esophagitis by Los Angeles Classification: Conventional Endoscopy and Optimal Band Image System이시형; 장병익; 김경옥; 전성우[전성우]; 권중구[권중구]; 김은영[김은영]; 정진태[정진태]; 박경식[박경식]; 조광범[조광범]; 김은수[김은수]
2013-12Endoscopic submucosal dissection for early gastric cancer with undifferentiated histology: could we extend the criteria beyond?장병익; 전성우[전성우]; 김지연[김지연]; 박정철[박정철]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 이시형; 김경옥; 김이영[김이영]; 김은영[김은영]
2013-05Evaluation of hybrid PET/CT gastrography in gastric cancer조인호; 공은정; 정주혜; 천경아; 장병익; 김태년; 김상운; 송선교
2013-09Factors Associated with Development of Complications After Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal김경옥; 박유경[박유경]; 양재홍[양재홍]; 이시형; 장병익
2010-11Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor Regulates the Bad-Mediated Apoptotic Pathway and Induction of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Stomach Cancer Cells이시형; 이경희; 최은영[최은영]; 김민경; 장병익; 김태년; 김세원; 김상운; 송선교; 김재룡; 정보찬
2015-02Human adipose-derived stem cells attenuate inflammatory bowel disease in IL-10 knockout mice송인환; 정우연; 강주환[강주환]; 김경곤; 김희선; 장병익; 박용훈
2014-05IL-1 beta-stimulated urokinase plasminogen activator expression through NF-kappa B in gastric cancer after HGF treatment이경희; 최은영; 고성애; 김민경; 장병익; 김상운; 김재룡
2015-01Immunochip Analysis Identification of 6 Additional Susceptibility Loci for Crohn's Disease in Koreans장병익; 양석균[양석균]; 홍명희[홍명희]; 최현철[최현철]; Wanting Zhao[Wanting Zhao]; 정유선[정유선]; Talin Haritunians[Talin Haritunians]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 김경조[김경조]; 박상형[박상형]
2013-01Incidence and clinical features of Clostridium difficile infection in Korea: a nationwide study장병익; Y. S. KIM[Y. S. KIM]; D.S. HAN[D.S. HAN]; Y. H. KIM[Y. H. KIM]; W.H. KIM[W.H. KIM]; J. S. KIM[J. S. KIM]; H. S. KIM[H. S. KIM]; Y. S. PARK[Y. S. PARK]; H. J. SONG[H. J. SONG]; S. J. SHIN[S. J. SHIN]
2010-03Inhibition of histone deacetylase activity down-regulates urokinase plasminogen activator and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in gastric cancer이경희; 최은영[최은영]; 김민경; 김경옥; 장병익; 김세원; 김상운; 송선교; 김재룡
2014-10Inter-Observer Agreement in the Endoscopic Classification of Colorectal Laterally Spreading Tumors: A Multicenter Study Between Experts and Trainees장병익; 이유진[이유진]; 김은수[김은수]; 박경식[박경식]; 조광범[조광범]; 이미영[이미영]; 김성국[김성국]; 전성우[전성우]; 이시형; 김경옥
2010-03Inter-observer agreement on the interpretation of capsule endoscopy findings based on capsule endoscopy structured terminology: A multicenter study by the Korean Gut Image Study Group장병익; 이시형; 문정섭[문정섭]; 청대영[청대영]; 이인석[이인석]; 김진오[김진오]; 천재희[천재희]; 박철희[박철희]; 변정식[변정식]; 박연선[박연선]; 심기남[심기남]; 김용식[김용식]; 김경조[김경조]; 이광재[이광재]; 류지곤[류지곤]; 창동경[창동경]; 천훈재[천훈재]; 최명규[최명규]
2012-05Is Gynecological Cancer a New Indication for Surveillance Colonoscopy in Korea?장병익; Chang je ho[Chang je ho]; Choi hyo sun[Choi hyo sun]; Choi joong sub[Choi joong sub]; Park dong il[Park dong il]; Seo hyun il[Seo hyun il]; Yang moon hee[Yang moon hee]; Sohn hee jung[Sohn hee jung]; Lee sun young[Lee sun young]; Jin youn tae[Jin youn tae]; Ji jung sun[Ji jung sun]; Shin jung eun[Shin jung eun]; Eun chang soo[Eun chang soo]; Back il hyun[Back il hyun]
2013-08Isolated Langerhans cell histiocytosis in rectum: case report and literature review구미진; 배영경; 장병익
2013-12Laterally spreading tumors of the colorectum: clinicopathologic features and malignant potential by macroscopic morphology장병익; 김경옥; 이시형; 장우진[장우진]
2013-11Learning curve of capsule endoscopy장병익; 최명규[최명규]; 임윤정[임윤정]; 조용성[조용성]; 정대영[정대영]; 천재희[천재희]; 김성은[김성은]; 도재혁[도재혁]; 김지오[김지오]; 예병덕[예병덕]
2012-09Lessons from Korean Capsule Endoscopy Multicenter Studies장병익; 김경옥
2011-08Long and short of techniques in ESD and new devices for treatment of EGC장병익; 이완식[이완식]; 조진웅[조진웅]; 김영대[김영대]; 김규정[김규정]
2014-11Long-Term Outcomes of Cytomegalovirus Reactivation in Patients with Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Colitis: A Multicenter Study장병익; 김유순[김유순]; 김영호[김영호]; 김주성[김주성]; 정성연[정성연]; 박수정[박수정]; 전재희[전재희]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 정성애[정성애]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 김경옥
2013-09Lower gastrointestinal bleeding: Is urgent colonoscopy necessary for all hematochezia?장병익
2015-04Meta-analysis of Predictive Clinicopathologic Factors for Lymph Node Metastasis in Patients with Early Colorectal Carcinoma장병익; 정성애[정성애]; 최주영[최주영]; 심기남[심기남]; 조원영[조원영]; 금보라[금보라]; 변정식[변정식]; 허규찬[허규찬]; 정훈용[정훈용]; 공경애[공경애]
2015-07Non-curative endoscopic resection does not always lead to grave outcomes in submucosal invasive early gastric cancer이시형; 김경옥; 장병익; 최준영[최준영]; 전성우[전성우]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 김은수[김은수]; 박창근[박창근]; 정은진[정은진]
2015-01Old Age at Diagnosis Is Associated With Favorable Outcomes in Korean Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease김경옥; 최재혁[최재혁]; 김은수[김은수]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 이유진[이유진]; 이상민[이상민]; 강유진[강유진]; 장병익
2010-06Polyethylene Glycol 용액의 복용완료시간과 대장내시경 검사시작 시간에 따른 대장 정결도의 비교장병익; 윤장혁[윤장혁]; 박동일[박동일]; 신정은[신정은]; 김성은[김성은]; 정성애[정성애]; 이석호[이석호]; 장동경[장동경]; 은창수[은창수]; 한동수[한동수]; 김현수[김현수]; 박선자[박선자]; 백일현[백일현]; 금보라[금보라]; 진윤태[진윤태]
2013-04Predictive Factors of Impaired Quality of Life in Korean Patients With Inactive Inflammatory Bowel Disease Association With Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders and Mood Disorders장병익; 김은수[김은수]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 김경옥; 전성우[전성우]; Min K. Jung[Min K. Jung]; 김은수[김은수]; 양창헌[양창헌]; DGSG[DGSG]
2013-04Predictive risk factors of perforation in gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection for early gastric cancer: a large, multicenter study장병익; 김민[김민]; 전성우[전성우]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 김은수[김은수]; 박창근[박창근]; 서향은[서향은]; 정윤진[정윤진]; 권중구[권중구]; 정진태[정진태]; 김은영[김은영]; 이시형; 김경옥; 양창헌[양창헌]
2010-03Primary rectal malignant melanoma with rapid progression after complete resection김경옥; 장병익; 김재황; 배영경
2011-06Prospective Evaluation of the Clinical Utility of Interferon-gamma Assay in the Differential Diagnosis of Intestinal Tuberculosis and Crohn's Disease장병익; 김범진[김범진]; 최용성[최용성]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 김원호[김원호]; 김유선[김유선]; 정성애[정성애]; 한동수[한동수]; 김주성[김주성]; 최재현[최재현]; 최창환[최창환]; 진윤태[진윤태]; 천재희[천재희]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 양석균[양석균]; 김영호[김영호]
2012-05Proton Pump Inhibitor Use and Recurrent Clostridium difficile-associated Disease A Case-control Analysis Matched by Propensity Score장병익; 김영길[김영길]; David Graham[David Graham]
2013-03Significance of Proton Pump Inhibitor Types for Clostridium difficile Infection: Response장병익; 김용길[김용길]
2015-03Significant risk and associated factors of active tuberculosis infection in Korean patients with inflammatory bowel disease using anti-TNF agents김경옥; 장병익; 김성국[김성국]; 김은수[김은수]; 조광범[조광범]; 박경식[박경식]; 송근암[송근암]; 김형욱[김형욱]; 김은영[김은영]; 이동욱[이동욱]
2013-04Stem Cells in Inflammatory Bowel Disease New Potential Therapeutic Target장병익; 송인환
2014-11Stricture occurring after endoscopic submucosal dissection for esophageal and gastric tumors장병익; 김광하[김광하]; 지삼룡[지삼룡]; 장재영[장재영]; 신성관[신성관]; 최기돈[최기돈]; 이준행[이준행]; 김상균[김상균]; 성재규[성재규]; 전성우[전성우]
2014-08The clinical features and treatment modality of esophageal neuroendocrine tumors: a multicenter study in Korea장병익; 임윤정[임윤정]; 이창근[이창근]; 박선자[박선자]; 최석렬[최석렬]; 김재광[김재광]; 김영태[김영태]; 조주영[조주영]; 양창훈[양창훈]; 전훈재[전훈재]
2012-01The Prevalence and Efficacy of Ganciclovir on Steroid-refractory Ulcerative Colitis With Cytomegalovirus Infection A Prospective Multicenter Study장병익; 김유선[김유선]; 김영호[김영호]; 김주성[김주성]; 천재희[천재희]; 예병덕[예병덕]; 정성애[정성애]; 박영숙[박영숙]; 최창환[최창환]; 한동수[한동수]; 양석현[양석현]; 김원호[김원호]